Genshin Impact: How to Destroy the Barrier in Chinju Forest

After finding the locations of all three tanukis in Chinju Forest, Genshin Impact players are given the location of the corrupted barrier in the region. The barrier is one of three that players must destroy in order to complete the “Cleansing Defilement” sidequest.

To find the location of the corrupted barrier, Genshin Impact players must head east of the Ioroi statue towards the shore. Once players arrive in the region, a brief cutscene will automatically trigger that will reveal the barrier’s location hidden in the cliffside.

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To destroy the barrier and start the puzzle, players must interact with the first shrine pillar upon entering the cliffside cave. After interacting with the first shrine pillar, players will have the option to submit the ward received from Ioroi in order to activate the puzzle.

Once the puzzle has been activated, a large constellation will appear between the Tori gates above the player. Like the barrier puzzle found inside the well in Konda village, in this puzzle, players must assign the order of each of the shrine pillars in the order they appear in the constellation.

The shrine pillar that players used to activate the puzzle is set to one, and cannot be changed. The shrine pillar directly behind the first shrine pillar must be set to four.

Tucked away in the corner on the ground level players will find a third shrine pillar that they must set to three.

Players will also find two shrine pillars above them on both sides of the Tori gate. Players must set both of these shrine pillar positions to two.

After all of the shrine pillars have been set, players must return to the initial shrine pillar used to activate the puzzle and “pray” by interacting with it. If the pillars have all been set in the correct order, a miniboss called “Ochimusha” will spawn.

While Ochimusha may look like one of the typical samurai enemies that players may have encountered throughout Inazuma, the fight is significantly more challenging. Players should also note that unlike the traditional enemy mobs encountered in the overworld, Ochimusha is imbued with a hydro element. As a result, it is in the player’s best interest to prioritize Electro, Pyro, and Cryo elemental skills and bursts.

Because of the speed of Ochimusha and how powerful his strikes can be, having a Cryo character is optimal for this fight as it will allow players to routinely freeze the enemy in his tracks. Once players have successfully defeated Ochimusha, the quest will be completed and players will be rewarded with 30 primogems and 3 Heroes Wit.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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