10 Unpopular Reddit Opinions About The Dragon Age Series

The Dragon Age trilogy was Bioware’s Magnum Opus in the fantasy genre after they tried to break free from the mold of Dungeons and Dragons. For the most part, all three games (and presumably the upcoming 4th) are experimental. They’re a trial of how well Bioware does on their own footing, away from the shadows of Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights.

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So far they’ve done well. Generally, all three games are well-received. At least enough to warrant another installment. Still, some strong yet deviant opinions and feedback pop up like mushrooms from time to time. Some of them sum up well the trilogy’s shortcomings while others wage an uphill battle against general consensus.

10 Appointing Loghain As The Warden Leader Is The Better Choice (Dragon Age: Origins)

Teyrn Loghain made for a good side villain in Dragon Age: Origins as he was honestly more loathsome than the usual Darkspawn. Many players opted to have him executed for his crimes against Ferelden and against the Gray Wardens. However, a minority of the player base preferred to prolong Loghain’s punishment.

The other choice was integrating Loghain into the Grey Wardens, binding him to the duty and sealing his fate. Apparently, some thought that this was a more apt retribution for him despite his causing the death of both King Cailan and Duncan.

9 King Cailan Was An Idiot (Dragon Age: Origins)

Speaking of King Cailan, it seems folly runs in the family. Just as Alistair was a little unconventional as a king, Cailan also displayed some strategic foolishness. His decision to meet the Darkspawn head-on in Ostagar was a military blunder, at least according to certain players.

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After all, Cailan had a stronghold and a defensive advantage. His forces also could have taken on the Darkspawn by utilizing attrition. Come to think of it, Loghain probably saw how inept Cailan was which reinforced his decision to betray him.

8 Origins’ Combat Is The Most Enjoyable

On to gameplay. One common gripe about Origins‘ combat was how slow or cumbersome it was, especially since it took after traditional D&D rulesets. It was one of the glaring weak points of the game. Some hardcore RPG purists beg to differ, however.

They deemed the combat perfect. Origins‘ combat encapsulated what fighting is like in a true RPG where flashy moves are sidetracked in favor of more calculated tactics. Older RPG gamers would likely agree as Origins‘ combat system closely resembled that of Baldur’s Gate games.

7 Dragon Age 2 Is The Best In The Series

Dragon Age 2 was where Bioware started shaking up the formula and shedding the D&D skin of the franchise. It was a polarizing set of changes, particularly in the game world where Kirkwall is recycled over and over again, making the gameplay loop feel arcadey and boxed in. The sense of adventure and epicness being replaced by a rags-to-riches city journey à la fantasy GTA.

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Even so, a certain percentage of the player base loved it that way. For them, it provided a sense of belonging in the game world. That and the more action-packed combat and the more personal Hawke storyline won them over.

6 Anders Is Likable (Dragon Age 2)

In addition to the monotonous locale in Dragon Age 2, one character quickly became the hate magnet for the players. That would be Anders who couldn’t utter two words without interspersing his radical ideals and protests into his dialogue.

However, Anders was understandable this way since he was also possessed by the spirit of Justice. Some players also appreciated how his strong zealous outlook contrasts the more laid-back characters though he doesn’t always mesh well with them.

5 Josephine Has The Worst Romance Ever (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

In most romance options in Bioware games, players can expect some steamy scenes. Josephine’s, for that matter, was a breath of fresh air. The romance with her was more focused on the romantic aspect instead of the carnal.

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That’s why players were likely disappointed by the reward of pursuing a romance with her. All that tedious gift-giving for a modest and E-rated kissing scene. Certain forums even sparked outrage over this. Beyond that, some felt that most of her courting activities involved doing Inquisition favors for her and that she spent too much time on the war table.

4 Vivienne Should Have Been The Divine (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

The choice of the next Divine was always a tough picture to paint. It fell on Liliana though and she more or less deserved it. After all, she was a flawed but altruistic character with a dark past. Her loyalty to the Chantry is also undeniable.

Vivienne, however, might have been a stronger pick for others. She’s feisty, authoritative, and independent. While players might disagree with plenty of her sentiments, she certainly thinks outside the box and her being an accomplished magic user also makes her a more unique candidate.

3 Inquisition’s Romance Options Are All Bad

One daring thing Inquisition did was venture further into the LGBTQ territory when it came to romances. Cassandra was a tomboy, Dorian was gay, Bull was, well, he’s Bull, and others were unconventional instead of the usual cookie-cutter beautiful people of the previous two games.

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Too bad others didn’t enjoy this colorful implementation of romance in Inquisition. Many of the players thought that the straight romance options were bland and everything else was exaggerated. Some even resorted to romancing only Cullen as all the others were seemingly unfamiliar or unexciting.

2 Sera Is More Complex & Stable Than She Appears (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

While on the topic of peculiar companions, Sera is generally the worst offender. Her quirks are more erratic and troublesome than distinct. That easily made her one of the most disliked characters in the Inquisition roster. Some players even booted her out of the group since her behavior is either too childish or unfitting of an inquisitor.

Others see Sera in a different light. These players believe that Sera has a beneficial method to her madness. For them, Sera’s flaws and how badly she gets along with other members of the party make her a worthwhile character.

1 The Deep Roads Are More Interesting Than The Main Storyline

The Deep Roads are explored well in the first two games and even then, it feels like there’s still plenty of imaginative material left for it. That’s why certain players end up clamoring for content set in that locale.

Instead, the game keeps railroading the players to dull storylines. Some players simply don’t care much about the Dalish elves and their plight. The Templar and Blood Mage war? Too hard to sympathize with either faction. Meanwhile, there’s a wealth of mythical stories in the Deep Roads waiting to be dug up. Too late for that now, the next game focuses on the Tevinter Imperium.

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