Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find & Sell All The Gold Bars

One of the quickest ways to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to locate and sell gold bars. There are currently a total of 24 gold bars that players can pick up on the map. Each gold bar is worth $500, which is a good amount of money in Red Dead 2. Gamers that have not done so yet should venture around the map and find each one.

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All of the spawn points of the gold bars will be the same for every player, and this guide will cover each of them. Unfortunately, only one of the 24 bars respawns. Both new and existing players will get over $12k if they put in the effort to find all the gold bars in the game. Players can sell their gold bars to one of four fences in Red Dead 2, each is outlined at the end of this guide.

Updated on July 31, 2021 by Payton Lott: Many in the community have migrated over to the online version of Red Dead 2. In Red Dead Online, Gold Bars are essentially a secondary currency used to purchase expensive items in game. For those that have moved on to RDO, this guide will also include a few tips about how to accrue gold bars as fast as possible. There have been a lot of changes in RDO over the past couple of years, and some of the old farming methods are outdated. Use the tips below to get gold bars efficiently in RDO.

Just north of Bacchus Station, there are three gold bars in a cave near the Mysterious Hill. The cave is located at the top of the first “L” in Mysterious Hill. Once inside, gamers will need to press the buttons on the statues in the correct order.

They need to be pressed according to how many fingers the statue has, starting with the two-fingered statue and finishing with the one that has no fingers (2, 3, 5, 7, 0). After solving the puzzle, the three gold bars will appear in the statue at the center of the circle.

The train wreck is in the valley near the only train tracks southwest of Cotorra Springs. Getting the gold bars will be slightly more difficult. Gamers will need to climb up the ledge to the east of the wreck and head south along the cliffside until there is a slope on the side of the mountain.

Climbing up the slope is annoying, but players should be able to get up it eventually. At the top of the cliff, gamers have to jump the gap to the north. At the edge of the cliff to the north, there will be a railcar that players need to jump into to find the treasure.

Players will need to at least progress to chapter 2 before attempting to find these six gold bars. The first step is to find the treasure map, which is located to the northwest of the Owanjila Dam. Travel along the edge of the map north of the dam to find it. The map is hidden inside of a stone structure on the hill in that area, which will stick out as gamers pass by. The second treasure is on the top of a small white hut just North of the second “E” in Lemoine.

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Next gamers will want to travel to the Mysterious Hill northeast of Bacchus Station and southeast of Donner Falls. The fourth treasure is just to the south of the “L” in Blade. It will be inside of a dead tree on a mound. Players will need to head to the U in Mount Shawn for the next treasure. It is located in a small stone structure at one of the peaks. The final treasure location will give players a total of six gold bars worth $3,000.

On the Northwest end of Braithwaite Manor, there is a small square on the map, which is a burned-down house. In the house, there is a gold bar sitting on the ground. The bar is in the northeast corner of the house. Gamers will find it if they look around for a minute or so.

Players who manage to find the Jack Hall Gang Treasure will receive two gold bars. People should take a look at this Jack Hall guide, as well as this Legend of the East guide for help finding the maps and treasure.

The High Stakes Treasure includes three gold bars as well. Instructions for how to find the treasure can be found in this High Stakes guide. Players will find four gold bars if they locate the Poisonous Trail treasure. A guide to finding the treasure is linked here.

The secret gold bar is unlocked by speaking with the escapees east of Shady Belle just south of the C in Crawdad Willies. It is unclear whether the escaped prisoners need to be saved multiple times or if they will always reveal the location of the treasure.

The gold bar is to the east of the “S” in Rhodes by the train tracks. Right to the southwest of the tracks, there will be two large boulders. Inspecting the boulder on the left will reveal the bar.

Another gold bar can be found south of Annesburg once players find the Scetched Map. The map is just to the east of the n in Roanoke Ridge in the Red Cottage. It will be under the fireplace. The bar can be found near the “R” in Kamassa River north of the Elysian Pool. Players should inspect the rocks north of the small tree on the cliffside to find the bar.

There is one gold bar located in the Sheriff’s Office in Limpany, a small abandoned town north of Flatneck Station. The gold bar is in the bottom drawer of the small desk in the office. Players will also receive the Horse Stimulant Pamphlet.

The final gold bar is included in the Elemental Trail Treasure, which is unlocked after chapter 6. People have to travel all the way to the westernmost point on the map near the Sea of Coronado. There is a hanging body east of the n in Coronado. Players will need to shoot the rope to release the body and loot it.

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The next objective is near the edge of the river above the “A” in San Luis. There will be a destroyed building there and the next map is in the fireplace. The third location is in the center of the water trough at Benedict Point. Finally, the treasure can be looted, which is just west of the “T” in Austin. There, players have to dig up the grave on the north end of the graveyard.

There are a total of four fences that will purchase gold bars in-game. The first is the Emerald Ranch wagon fence named Seamus. Arthur will interact with Seamus in the main storyline. Seamus will ask him to steal a stagecoach to prove they are worthy business partners. After the quest, Seamus will be available as a fence for wagons and other ordinary items. The second fence gamers can access is the Saint Denis Pawn Shop. Once the “Eastward Bound” quest is complete, the pawn shop will accept gold bars.

At the Van Horn Trading Post, there is a third fence that players can sell their bars to. The NPC is named Silas, and he has a shop called Silas Crawford Wholesale & Retail in the middle of town. The final fence is located to the northeast of Rhodes. People can find him by taking the road that goes to the northeast from Rhodes to the Kamassa. The fence will be on the left side of the road halfway to the Kamassa River.

The most well known way to get gold bars in RDO is through missions. Story missions, bounty missions, and stranger missions all reward gold bars. However, the reward is based on the amount of time the missions takes. This means that completing missions is not the best way to get gold bars fast in RDO.

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Rockstar created the reward system to discourage re-playing activities for money and prevent missions from being farmed. Missions completed in under three minutes provide only XP rewards. Gamers will receive 1.6 gold nuggets per minute doing missions, which equates to ~100 gold nuggets per hour. One Gold Bar is equal to 100 gold nuggets. Gamers will have a lot more luck with the below methods.

When factoring in multipliers, the daily and role challenges provide the most gold bars per hour. Gamers that complete all of the daily challenges each week will be awarded with more gold nuggets in successive weeks. Eventually, the multiplier will reward three times the base amount of gold nuggets. The same goes for role challenges. Those committed to earning as much gold as possible will want to grind every role in the game. That way, there are always plenty of challenges to complete each day. On average, it will take about an hour to two hours a week to finish all of the challenges. For around six gold, that is not a bad return on investment.

Bounties are about as fruitful as missions. However, if people can keep their bounty missions around the nine minute mark, they will earn 1.6 gold/ hour. To fill in the time, players can hunt, complete challenges, and accrue rewards. Daily challenges are the most efficient, but by filling in the time, bounties are actually not too bad.

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The only other method of getting gold fast is by finishing the various award objectives in RDO. Focusing solely on these is not a good way to spend time. However, it might be a good idea to browse through the awards to get an idea of what tasks need to be finished. Gamers can grind these awards while waiting for the nine minute timer during a bounty.

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