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The success of Friday Night Funkin’ has been unexpected, to say the least. The rhythm genre has seen a rise in interest ever since the title has kicked off in popularity. Players have even sought out mods for Friday Night Funkin’ to enhance the entertainment value.

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However, the game isn’t the only one that’s worth trying out. There are plenty of other options for players to immerse themselves in, other dance-related titles and similar rhythm games that have a unique twist of their own. So for players jonesing for that thematic fun only music games can bring, check out these other titles.

10 Dance Dance Revolution

Still considered by many as the greatest dancing game ever, Dance Dance Revolution’s success has led it to be synonymous with the music genre. While the actual gameplay comprises dance moves, the title is fully immersed in its musical theme.

Friday Night Funkin’ fans will enjoy the level of immersion that this game brings. Players need to be you all in, as dance moves can get more than a little intense. Considering the quality of tracks available, repeated playthroughs are common among fans.

9 PaRappa The Rapper

Friday Night Funkin‘ players should knowFriday Night Funkin that the same style has been seen before in PaRappa the Rapper. This title also has onscreen prompts to complete in order to enable the main character to complete his performance.

The premise of impressing a girl is also the same as Friday Night Funkin’. The notable difference, though, lies in the focus on rap music in this game. It’s a highly addictive title that will make fans out of even those who aren’t too keen on rap music.

8 Quaver

There’s probably no bigger challenge in the rhythm genre than this title, as Quaver brings extreme speed to its gameplay. The aim is to hit each mark as it arrives, but the challenge lies in just how quick the onscreen prompts go by.

Friday Night Funkin’ can feel like a prelude to Quaver, as the former is far easier to play. However, this only makes the latter even more appealing. Beating the extreme difficulty becomes players’ main motivation.

7 Etterna

Another extremely challenging entry in the rhythm genre, Etterna requires players to essentially mash at the keyboard in order to get the combinations right. Of course, while it’s incredibly difficult, the game is also fun for those who put some time into it.

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It’s particularly satisfying when a combo is completed to perfection, as the game sets players up for failure due to the many patterns to be completed. Those who can overcome Etterna’s challenge can claim to be apex gamers in their own regard.

6 Osu!

A unique take in this established genre, osu! players need to trace around beatmaps to complete sequences onscreen. This means gamers must staying very quick on their fingers, as mashing the right combinations is the way to go.

Like similar entries, the purpose is to map out a musical theme that plays. Failure to accomplish the task will result in having to redo the whole thing. It’s as challenging as one can imagine, but that’s what players sign up for when they partake in this genre.

5 Muse Dash

Muse Dash is a mashup of adventure-style gameplay, mixed with the music genre. Here, the goal is to guide the playable character through the sidescrolling world, while knocking out enemies that consistently come their way.

Accomplishing this allows the music to flow naturally, making the experience both for the benefit of gameplay and a treat to the ears. Adding to the fun is the splash of colors that make up Muse Dash’s aesthetic.

4 Geometry Dash

Disguised as part of the puzzle-solving game genre, Geometry Dash is simplistic in nature. Players must guide an icon through a world with geometry figures that appear as obstacles. If this sequence is continued, the music accompanying in the background can keep playing.

Make no mistake, though, the game can be a challenge of its own. The speed of the icon is such that dodging the geometry figures isn’t as simple as it might seem. Still, the sequence of music is motivation enough to go through with the whole thing.

3 DJMax Respect

Those who can contend with this game will understand how appropriate the title is. DJMax Respect isn’t as over-the-top in its difficulty as other titles, but is still a thrill to play through. Gameplay comprises landing the falling symbols in their respective columns, and this goes on as long as the player can keep it on.

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Music accompanies the action, as completing the goal keeps the tracks running. DJMax Respect has upwards of 100 songs to engage in, so it goes without saying that there’s a lot of replay value to be found here.

2 Taiko No Tatsujin

Using a simulated drum, players are meant to consistently complete the combinations that appear onscreen in this game. Fortunately, missing the marks doesn’t end a level, as the goal is to rack up the highest score possible.

The real fun aspect of this title comes from playing against someone else, as things can get into overdrive when competitive mode kicks in. The music plays on regardless, but it’s only by landing the most drum hits that players can hear most melodious version of the track.

1 Project Diva

Project Diva requires players to complete the dancing sequence of the character onscreen, by fulfilling the button prompts that appear in quick succession. In a change from most games like Friday Night Funkin’, visual imagery is provided to help players understand how successful execution affects gameplay.

Apart from that, it’s the standard rhythm genre entertainment in store. Those who appreciate the presentation that Project Diva brings will get a kick out of the different dancing techniques the onscreen character portrays in varying soundtracks.

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