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There are a lot of Pokemon out there…893, officially, to be exact. Each Pokemon has its own set of stats when it comes to the games. There is Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, and HP.

The amount of damage a Pokemon can take before fainting is referred to as HP. When in battle, HP is displayed by the horizontal bar which goes from green to yellow to red. Some Pokemon have more HP, others have less, but what stays the same for all is that once the Pokemon’s HP reaches zero it is game over. Therefore, the more the merrier, right?

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Updated August 17, 2021 by Adriano Valente: A Pokemon with high enough HP can be a real problem to deal with in battle. Both Defense and Special Defense stats play a role in determining just how long a given Pokemon will last in a fight, but having high HP is always a benefit. While many trainers might be eager to find which Pokemon has the highest HP, the stat itself isn’t an indicator of toughness or longevity. Among the 800 plus Pokemon currently out there, this group stands out for having the most HP. They all have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but can ultimately tough out more than most.

15 Solgaleo – 137 HP

  • Type: Psychic/Steel
  • Best Nature: Jolly
  • Weaknesses: Ground (2x), Ghost (2x), Fire (2x), Dark (2x)

Like any other legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo is very well balanced with high base stats. Its highest come in the form of its Attack and HP.

With both 137 base HP and Attack, Solgaleo can dish out as much as it takes. High Defense and solid Special Defense make it so that this Alolan legendary won’t go down easy.

14 Lunala – 137 HP

  • Type: Psychic/Ghost
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weaknesses: Ghost (4x), Dark (4x)

Like Solgaleo, Lunala stands as one of the Pokemon with the highest HP in the franchise. While Solgaleo had matching base Attack, Lunala comes with higher Special Attack instead.

Both Cosmog evolutions seem to be pretty similar on paper. There are some slight differences in how certain stats are distributed, but the biggest disparity comes with their typing. Being Psychic/Ghost, Lunala has a devastating weakness to Ghost and Dark-type moves. Trainers should keep that in mind when using it in battle.

13 Drifblim – 150 HP

  • Type: Ghost/Flying
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weaknesses: Rock (2x), Ghost (2x), Electric (2x), Ice (2x), Dark (2x)

According to Pokemon Ultra Moon, “The raw material for the gas inside its body is souls. When its body starts to deflate, it’s thought to carry away people and Pokemon.”

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Thanks to all that raw material — you know, the souls of dead humans — Drifblim has a base HP stat of 150. In fact, it has the highest base HP stat of all the Flying-type Pokemon and ties Giratina when it comes to Ghost-type Pokemon. Drifblim is based on a hot air balloon and gets its name from a combination of “drift” and “blimp.”

12 Giratina – 150 HP

  • Type: Ghost/Dragon
  • Best Nature: Relaxed
  • Weaknesses: Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x), Ghost (2x), Dark (2x)

When it comes to discussing the highest HP Pokemon, it’s natural to see a few legendaries make their way into the conversation. Giratina’s massive frame leaves players with the impression that it’s hard to takedown, and its stats support that theory.

In both its Altered and Origin Forme, Giratina has 150 base HP. This is its highest stat by far. With especially high Attack and Defense stats to go alongside solid Speed, Giratina is tough to bring down and incredibly useful to have on your side.

11 Slaking – 150 HP

  • Type: Normal
  • Best Nature: Jolly
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2x)

According to Pokemon Omega Ruby, “Slaking spends all day lying down and lolling about. It eats grass growing within its reach. If it eats all the grass it can reach, this Pokemon reluctantly moves to another spot.”

Because Slaking does nothing all day except eating and chilling, it packs on enough calories to achieve a base HP stat of 150. It does not stop there too, Slaking even boasts the highest total base stat of all Pokemon (excluding Legendaries, Mythicals, and Mega Evolutions). Design-wise, it is based on a sloth, of course. Slaking’s name is a combination of “slack” and “king.”

10 Snorlax – 160 HP

  • Type: Normal
  • Best Nature: Careful
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2x)

According to Pokemon Sword, “It is not satisfied unless it eats over 880 pounds of food every day. When it is done eating, it goes promptly to sleep.”

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With a healthy diet indeed, Snorlax eats enough food and sleeps enough hours to net a base HP stat of 160. While not in the Top 10, its pre-evolution Munchlax has a high base HP stat too! Regarding origin, Snorlax takes inspiration from hibernating bears and pandas, food comas, and sloths. The name itself is a combination of “snore” and “relax.”

9 Alomomola – 165 HP

  • Type: Water
  • Best Nature: Bold
  • Weaknesses: Grass (2x), Electric (2x)

According to Pokemon White, “Floating in the open sea is how they live. When they find a wounded Pokemon, they embrace it and bring it to shore.”

There is no need to worry when spotting an Alomomola floating around defenseless in the ocean because it has a base HP stat of 165. While not the most popular Pokemon, Alomomola was the first non-Legendary Pokemon from Generation V to appear in the Pokemon anime series. It is designed to be an ocean sunfish that looks like a heart. Alomomola’s name is actually a palindrome! The inspiration for it is a combination of “Mola mola” (scientific name for ocean sunfish), “mom” (because it is the Caring Pokemon), and “aloha” (love in Hawaiian).

8 Wailord – 170 HP

  • Type: Water
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weaknesses: Grass (2x), Electric (2x)

According to Pokemon Omega Ruby, “Wailord is the largest of all identified Pokemon up to now. This giant Pokemon swims languorously in the vast open sea, eating massive amounts of food at once with its enormous mouth.”

Besides being the largest Pokemon ever, Wailord has a base HP stat of 170. In addition, this is the highest when it comes to Water-type Pokemon. Obviously, it is a blue whale, but Wailord also looks like a submarine. Its name is a combination of “whale” and “lord.”

7 Wobbuffet – 190 HP

  • Type: Psychic
  • Best Nature: Calm
  • Weaknesses: Bug (2x), Ghost (2x), Dark (2x)

According to Pokemon Omega Ruby, “If two or more Wobbuffet meet, they will turn competitive and try to outdo each other’s endurance. However, they may try to see which one can endure the longest without food. Trainers need to beware of this habit.”

The endurance competition might last forever because Wobbuffet has a base HP stat of 190. This is the highest when it comes to Psychic-type Pokemon too. It is based on a punching bag when it comes to design. Wobbuffet’s name is a combination of “wobble” and “buffet” (not the food kind, meaning to strike repeatedly).

6 Regidrago – 200 HP

  • Type: Dragon
  • Best Nature: Adamant
  • Weaknesses: Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x)

The Regis all have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses that trainers should know about. Regidrago’s greatest asset comes with its ridiculously high base HP stat. With high Attack & Special Attack to go alongside solid Speed, this Pokemon would best be used as a glass cannon in battle.

All the HP in the world can’t make up for the abysmal Defense and Special Defense this new legendary is stuck with. So while Regidrago might have tons of health to work with, that bar is going to deplete quickly once it gets hit.

5 Zygarde – 216 HP

  • Type: Dragon/Ground
  • Best Nature: Impish
  • Weaknesses: Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x), Ice (4x)

According to Pokemon Ultra Sun, “This is Zygarde’s perfected form. From the orifice on its chest, it radiates high-powered energy that eliminates everything.” Not the 10% Forme or the 50% Forme but the Complete Forme of Zygarde, the “perfected form,” has a base HP stat of 216. Regarding Ground-type Pokemon, this is the highest.

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While the origin of its design is up to interpretation, Zygarde might be based on Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel — the three children of Loki and Angrbooa from Norse mythology. This is in regards to its three forms (10%, 50%, Complete), respectively. Name-wise, Zygarde resembles the letter “Z” as well as “garde,” which is French for “guard.”

4 Guzzlord – 223 HP

  • Type: Dark/Dragon
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2x), Bug (2x), Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (4x)

According to Pokemon Sun, “It has gobbled mountains and swallowed whole buildings, according to reports. It’s one of the Ultra Beasts.”

Those mountains and buildings must have a lot of HP within them because Guzzlord has a base HP stat of 223. It is on top when it comes to Dark-type Pokemon and HP too, as well as weight. Guzzlord’s appearance, which is horrifying, might draw inspiration from famous horror writer H. P. Lovecraft as well as black holes. The name itself is a combination of “guzzle” and “lord.”

3 Chansey – 250 HP

  • Type: Normal
  • Best Nature: Bold
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2x)

According to Pokemon Shield, “This species was once very slow. To protect their eggs from other creatures, these Pokemon became able to flee quickly.”

How Chansey runs so fast is a mystery because they are bulky with a base HP stat of 250, second only to their evolution. Its design is unique, but kind of resembles chickens, kangaroos, and axolotls. Chansey’s name is actually “Lucky” in Japanese! In English though, it is a corruption of the word “chance.”

2 Blissey – 255 HP

  • Type: Normal
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2x)

According to Pokemon Ultra Moon, “This Pokémon is overflowing with love. Only Chansey that share a strong bond with their Trainer can evolve, so people say.”

That must be a lot of love because Blissey has the highest base HP stat of all Pokemon with 255. It even has the highest experience yield of all Pokemon and the greatest base Special Defense stat of all Normal-type Pokemon. As for design, Blissey is similar to Chansey regarding inspiration but also looks like Nurse Joy. The name itself is a combination of “bliss” and “Chansey.”

1 Eternatus – 255 HP


  • Type: Dragon/Poison
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weaknesses: Ground (2x), Psychic (2x), Ice (2x), Dragon (2x)

Zacian and Zamazenta might have gotten all the attention, but Eternatus stands as Gen VIII’s standout legendary. In its regular form, Eternatus just looks like a regular legendary. But its Eternamax transformation makes it one of the strongest Pokemon in the franchise.

With a massive 1125 in total base stats, Eternamax Eternatus doesn’t really have any statistical weaknesses. One stat that stands out is its HP, which is bumped up from an already adequate 140 to 255. This gives trainers plenty of room to work with and makes Eterrnatus an absolute monster on the battlefield.

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