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Conflict is not an uncommon occurrence in Humankind, and indeed units will occasionally find themselves in combat with animals and other Empires. These encounters will often leave the units hurt, and healing them is an important part of keeping the units alive for further exploration. However, some players may be unclear about exactly how to heal their units in Humankind, and this guide is here to shine some light on the matter.

To put things simply, units will automatically heal at a rate of 20 Health per turn when they have the Supplied status. That status is granted if the unit is positioned in an allied Territory, and a strategy game fan that has just started playing the game should look to the area near their first Outpost and City in Humankind. Indeed, establishing one of these settlements puts a player in control of the Territory that it is placed within, and their units will be able to heal there.

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This requirement for earning the Supplied status means that fans may need to do quite a bit of backtracking with their injured units in the early stages of the game. However, as players progress, they are very like to form alliances and take control of new Territories, providing them with more suitable healing locations. Indeed, by the time a fan is increasing the City Capacity in Humankind and really expanding their Empires, there should be plenty of hexes where they can patch up their units.

To note, Humankind players can instruct units to stay in position until they are at full health by selecting them and choosing the Regroup option. This option appears on the right side of the unit’s expanded information pane, and it depicts a heart. If a player finds that the Regroup button is grey and cannot be interacted with, it means that they are not in a location that allows for healing, and they will need to move the unit to an allied Territory.

Fans will also see a couple of additional directives that they can deliver to their units near the Regroup option. More specifically, they can tell units to hold their position until they receive further instruction or to simply skip the current turn. While these are not options that fans will be forced to use, they are nice ways to streamline more complex turns in the later Eras in Humankind.

Humankind is available now for PC and Stadia.

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