Awesome Fan Art Combines Mass Effect With The Mandalorian

Aside from one leaning more towards fantasy and the other sci-fi, Mass Effect and Star Wars have a lot in common. Despite their similarities or differences, there are plenty of people who are fans of both franchises. That’s the case with one artist, who merged The Mandalorian and Mass Effect together to create some interesting, and pretty awesome, artwork.

When it comes to Mass Effect, there is no shortage of fan art. The styles vary greatly as well. Some are more realistic and gritty, while others are more lighthearted and colorful. This is the case with another artist who shared their stylish art of Shepard’s crew. Given the relatively serious tone of the series, it’s refreshing to see it portrayed in this different, more upbeat light.

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Artist @guchaigue is not only a fan of those universes but also Mark Meer, the voice actor for Commander Shepard. This is why she decided to have him star as Mando in her fan art, whose Beskar armor now includes N7 flair. Instead of him holding Grogu (Baby Yoda), he’s depicted holding an Asari child.

The variety and content of fan art vary widely, which is great news for fans of the franchise who may use that art as wallpaper for their desktop or to spruce up a room. Recently, a Mass Effect fan decorated their classroom with artwork that featured their favorite characters from the series. The teacher was preparing their space for their incoming students and dedicated a section of the room for several pieces with profiles of Shepard’s crew, most of which were on the Normandy during the first sequel.

There is some debate on which game in the series is the best, but Mass Effect 2 was ranked as the best EA game of all time according to Metacritic. It earned the highest score, just barely beating out the final game in the trilogy. The third game’s controversial ending may be to blame for it not taking the top spot.

Now that Mass Effect 4 is in development, there’s a chance for BioWare to appease fans who weren’t happy with the way things turned out for Shepard and his crew. However, since the sequel is taking a big risk by following the events of the original trilogy, there’s also the chance it could divide fans even further if it doesn’t take into account the choices players made at the conclusion.

For now, players can just enjoy the original trilogy for what it is — whether they like the ending or not. If they want to give the games another go, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is certainly the best way possible at the moment. Regardless of the controversy or the series’ future, the games will continue to inspire all kinds of amazing artwork.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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