Fortnite: ‘Repair IO Equipment’ Locations for Season 7, Week 13 Quest

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Fortnite‘s Epic quests for Chapter 2, Season 7, Week 13 are here, and players can complete them to earn XP and partake in some activities that differ from the traditional battle royale experience. For Fortnite players struggling to complete a quest involving the repair of two pieces of IO equipment, here’s how to get it done so that players can move on to the next quest.

How to Repair IO Equipment in Fortnite

If players hover over the Epic quest, the map will show the locations of three IO bases on the map. One is southeast of Craggy Cliffs, another is south of Misty Meadows, and the third is in Stealthy Stronghold. To complete the quest, players only need to repair two pieces of equipment, which means it’s only necessary to visit two of the three locations. Once players locate the equipment, they need to hold the interact button down for a second to repair it.

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IO Base Southeast of Craggy Cliffs

At the IO base near Craggy Cliffs, the IO equipment can easily be found in the main building onsite. The equipment will glow blue and looks like two computer monitors stacked on one another. It’s worth noting that all of these IO bases will be filled with security cameras, IO guards with guns, and even other players. Make sure to come prepared or find a weapon in the base as fast as possible. Looking through the rooms for IO chests could prove useful, as IO tech weapons are some of the best in Fortnite.

IO Base South of Misty Meadows

At the IO base south of Misty Meadows at the bottom of the map, the quest equipment can be found in a smaller side building. The building is two floors and is on the southern edge of the IO base. Players should walk upstairs into the upper room to find the equipment in question.

Stealthy Stronghold IO Base

And last but not least, the third IO equipment is at the IO base hidden within the jungles of Stealthy Stronghold. Players should head into the main building of the base and head to the center room with all of the orange screens and equipment. The damaged equipment is off in a side hallway waiting to be repaired by Fortnite players.

Once players repair two broken pieces of equipment, they will be rewarded with 30K XP and move on to even more Epic quests.

Fortnite is currently free-to-play for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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