Fortnite: How to Interact with an Overturned Car to Flip it Rightside Up

Pitstop’s punchcard quests in Fortnite Season 8 are all about using vehicles in a variety of unique ways. After running over a couple of mailboxes and getting some vehicular airtime, players will be instructed to interact with an overturned car to flip it rightside up, and that may initially seem like quite a difficult thing to do. That said, there is a simple way to go about completing this Fortnite challenge, and full details on the process can be found in what follows.

How to Interact with an Overturned Car to Flip it Rightside Up in Fortnite

The first step toward tackling this task is to gain access to an overturned car in Fortnite. This can be done very easily by heading just southeast of Believer Beach, as there is always a flipped vehicle in that location. For full clarity, the map that is below highlights the precise position of the relevant automobile, and players are advised to visit this location at the very beginning of their matches.

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Alternatively, fans can attempt to overturn a vehicle for themselves, though that can prove to be somewhat challenging. Players that want to pursue this option should try putting off-road tires on their cars, building a ramp with a pyramid roof at its top, and driving their vehicles off of that pyramid at various angles. Again, flipping a car with this method may take quite a number of attempts, but it is an option that Fortnite fans can consider nonetheless.

Regardless of how a player goes about accessing an overturned car, they should simply approach it and press the input that appears on screen to flip the vehicle. This action will cause the automobile to immediately be turned rightside up, and fans will receive indication that they have completed the challenge and earned the associated reward. That reward is 20,000 XP, and it is sure to be appreciated by those players that are working on Fortnite’s Season 8 Battle Pass.

Notably, Pitstop’s vehicle-based challenges are certainly not the only punchcard quests that are currently available in-game. Indeed, many NPCs have brand new questlines for players to complete, and there are tons of rewards to be earned by doing just that. In general, it should be fairly easy to claim most of these prizes, though some fans may struggle slightly with Charlotte’s challenges, which put a great deal of emphasis on IO Outposts and IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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