Tales of Arise: How to Find the Release Mechanism for the Barrier

Kelzalik’s Uprising is a main quest in Tales of Arise, and it begins by sending players to Autelina Palace. Upon arrival at this location, fans will be instructed to head to the Lord’s Chamber, and there they will encounter a barrier that prevents their entry. At that point, Tales of Arise players must find the release mechanism for the barrier in order to proceed, and this guide contains a full walkthrough of exactly how that is done.

How to Find the Release Mechanism for the Barrier in Tales of Arise

The first step toward finding the release mechanism is to head to the Meeting Room at the southwest corner of Tales of Arise’s Autelina Palace. There is a desk inside of this room, and players should read the note that is sitting upon it. This note indicates that there is a key in the Office, though fans should not go to that room straightaway.

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Instead, players should make their way to the Barracks at the northwest corner of the area and read the note that is on the bookshelf. This action will cause the current objective for Kelzalik’s Uprising to be updated, and Tales of Arise fans are now ready to head to the nearby Office. Once inside of this room, players should interact with the cabinet in the corner to obtain the Duplicate Lord’s Quarters Key.

Fans will now be instructed to find the release switch in the Lord’s Quarters, and that room is situated at the southeast corner of Autelina Palace. The release switch referenced by the quest objective is positioned against the wall just across from the entrance to the Lord’s Quarters, and interacting with it will cause the barrier blocking the Lord’s Chamber to dissipate. When that occurs, JRPG fans will finally be able to infiltrate the Chambers, and it is just a few paces north of the room that houses the release mechanism.

Entering the Lord’s Chambers will cause a cutscene to trigger, and it is followed up with quite an intense battle. After obtaining victory in this fight, fans will be treated to yet another cutscene, and this one is fairly protracted. When that scene reaches its conclusion, players will find that they have completed Kelzalik’s Uprising, and they will be set to move onto the next main quest in Tales of Arise, which is called Kisara’s Ideals and starts with a trip to Viscint’s southern gates.

Tales of Arise is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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