Tales of Arise: How to Check Out the Gates of Fire (Signs of Liberation)

During Tales of Arise’s Signs of Liberation main quest, players will be instructed to check out the Gates of Fire. While this instruction is fairly straightforward in its meaning, some fans may have a bit of trouble remembering exactly where the Gates of Fire in Tales of Arise are situated. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to reach this location, and full details on the process can be found in this guide.

How to Check Out the Gates of Fire in Tales of Arise

The first step toward visiting the Gates of Fire is to travel to Calaglia – Ulzebek and pass through the gates into Kryd Garrison. These gates are located at the northeast corner of the area, and Tales of Arise players should make their way to the nearby lift once they get to the other side. Fans should now ride this lift to the Trench of Flames, head down the path, and take the first right to move in the direction of the Gates of Fire.

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After passing into the Gates of Fire area, fans should continue east until they arrive at the star waypoint that appears. Reaching this location will trigger a cutscene, and players will find that Signs of Liberation has been replaced with a new Tales of Arise main quest upon its conclusion. This new quest is titled “In Search of Medicine,” and it begins by sending players to find Doc in Mosgul, a mine in Calaglia that can be reached directly through fast-travel.

To note, this may not be the last time that players find themselves passing through the Gates of Fire. Indeed, this area is on the path to Glanymede Castle, a location that a fan may want to revisit if they missed the Astral Crystal Grains that are housed there during their first trip. For the uninitiated, Tales of Arise’s Astral Crystal Grains are used to upgrade Alphen’s Crude Sword and Shionne’s Basic Rifle, and Glanymede Castle is the only place in the game where they can be found.

Additionally, players that are trying to track down all of the Owls in Tales of Arise may need to return to the Gates of Fire, as one can be found in that location. More specifically, the Owl is located near a toppled fence on the northside of the area, and fans that examine it will receive the Left Bandage for their efforts. As the name of this accessory suggests, the Left Bandage covers the wearer’s left eye despite the fact that they have no issues with their vision.

Tales of Arise is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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