Strange Red Dead Online Glitch Makes Player Disappear When Touching Water

Live-service games are at a peak in the industry, and Red Dead Online is no exception. It remains popular with fans for a variety of reasons, especially as it the wild west to life and allows players to live the adventure together. However, there are still quite a few bugs scattered throughout the game. Fortunately for Red Dead Online players, some of these errors can also be quite humorous, such as the bizarre glitch where one player, in particular, disappeared after touching water.

It isn’t the first glitch to appear in the multiplayer game. A well-known error in the game involves bridges that launch players at an alarming speed into the air, which players love to recreate. Another involves a player who finished a Red Dead Online bounty mission only to run into a strange bug in which they were teleported directly to Mexico. There are plenty of others that have yet to be documented, but not all are fun for players. Fortunately, this glitch is much more innocent, and neither player faced any major repercussions.

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Reddit user justinpowe13 discovered the glitch as he and his friend were exploring a multiplayer game. While on his horse, his friend galloped towards the river. But just as he hit the water, he disappeared entirely out of view. The event was so unexpected that he immediately recorded the result. And after viewing the full clip, fans immediately made a connection; The player looks exactly like Mario as he jumps into a painting in Super Mario 64.

Later on, justinpowe13 revealed that this strange phenomenon is actually due to a slight lag glitch. As the player hit the water, his connection dropped, teleporting him to a different location. Luckily, the player wasn’t moved too far away from his friend, and the game resumed as normal. Regardless, fans love the video and have even recreated the clip with Mario-inspired sound effects. It’s certainly one of the most amusing Red Dead Online glitches to be seen.

Though there are plenty of players that are still enamored with the classic western title, the latest Red Dead Online update is leaving fans disappointed due to a lack of content. Considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 is now three years old, It’s likely that Rockstar Games will be limiting its time with the live service in the future, in order to focus on new projects. With any luck, fans will still be able to find ways to enjoy the title, even if the player-base dwindles.

Red Dead Online is currently available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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