Jennifer Lopez Launches An 8-Bit Browser Game

Unexpectedly, Jennifer Lopez released a short 8-bit browser game called Hit Play. It’s not a standalone product like other celebrity games that come to mind–for example, Kim Kardashian’s mobile RPG Hollywood–but is instead part of a marketing campaign for Jennifer Lopez’s footwear collab with DSW.

Reminiscent of old flash games and the golden age of early browser games, J.Lo’s game takes 10 minutes tops to run through. It follows a J.Lo-inspired protagonist running through the streets of three different cities (New York, LA, and Miami), and the goal is to get as many points by jumping and running into floating pink shoes. At the end, you get led to the J.Lo x DSW collection. (If you were ever bored and played Google’s Dinosaur browser game, J.Lo’s Hit Play is a lot like that.)

In the past few years, there’s been quite a few game-slash-fashion hybrid crossovers and collaborations. Epic Games recently collaborated with Balenciaga to bring certain pieces from the fashion house into the actual game. Balenciaga itself also made its own game using Unreal Engine called Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. Another label, Gucci, also released a Gucci Arcade collection that consists of 1970s and 80s-inspired video games, with of course, the avatars wearing Gucci clothes.

And in a bit of old pop culture lore, J.Lo and Ben Affleck once received a one-of-a-kind videogame as an engagement gift back in 2002. Apparently, J.Lo starred as the protagonist in it and kicked her way through enemies in order to find and rescue her then-fiancee Affleck. No copies of it exist online since it was a custom private gift. Sadly, Gigli was not.

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