Sylvia Chan Accused Of Bullying & Discriminating Night Owl Cinematics Talent Samantha Tan

Has Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) been a toxic environment to work in? Yesterday (Thursday, 8th October), Instagram account @sgcickenrice posted a series of shocking allegations about NOC founder Sylvia Chan.

This comes after @sgcickenrice uploaded an employer’s Glassdoor review who shared that NOC has a toxic management system, people are scared to speak up, and staff are “all overworked, tired, and under-appreciated”.

The whistleblower

In a series of Whatsapp screenshots from several whistleblowers, we see an alleged Sylvia (NOC) using a condescending tone when speaking to her team about a client project. A different conversation showed that a producer had to suffer Sylvia’s wrath when it was someone else’s fault. “Aiken made a mistake and silently let Sylvia chew on our producer for a really long time for his own wrongdoing until she blew up before he even admits it,” the caption reads.

Lawyers invovled

Apparently, some of the talents have been in the dark if they were still in Night Owl Cinematics. These issues were brought up to NOC’s lawyers Samuel and Xiao Wen, when they were added into a group chat.

Influencers Samantha and Chantelle shared that they had tendered their resignation earlier this month but there wasn’t any follow-up. Nicole, another talent from NOC, said, “I also wasn’t sure if I was still part of the company’s future plans because my profile was also removed from the media kit. I’ve sent my resignation and am waiting for updates.” As someone pointed out, how does one not know whether they’re still employed in the company?

Discriminating Samantha Tan and planning her exit

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NOC talents and influencers defend Samantha Tan


Nicole Liel

Grace Lim

Chantelle Chow

The aforementioned influencers have since removed NOC from their Instagram bio. Surprisingly, one of NOC’s artist Rao Zijie – who often appears on the Sugar Melon – also posted about his departure, but deleted it shortly after.

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