TikTok Couch Guy Trend Invades Animal Crossing

One of the latest TikTok trends on the platform is the “Couch Guy” meme, which has begun to make its way towards video games. As many talented fans have enjoyed the hilarity the trend has accidentally created, they’ve found a way to re-create it using their favorite titles. Where one fan managed to remake the meme in Stardew Valley, another has now decided to surprise one of their favorite villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The “Couch Guy” TikTok trend started with a video dealing with a girl visiting her boyfriend in college, which has him surprised to see her as three other girls are sitting on the couch with him. The boyfriend in question doesn’t seem as excited to see her as one would hope, and the viewers have caught onto that fact. As TikTok users speculate as to the truth of the first video, the trend was born as the original video went viral.

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The Animal Crossing version sees the player visiting their favorite villager, Stitches, after the bear apparently said he was sick. Upon arriving at Stitches’ house, other villagers are sitting on his couch, surprised to see the player’s character. As an interesting twist to the trend, as Animal Crossing isn’t an easy game to mimic the trend fully in, the three other villagers proceed to hide behind furniture as the player is unaware of their presence in Stitches’ house.


This Animal Crossing adaption of the meme adds a bit more depth to the original trend by using Harv’s Island in order to make the villagers emote according to the trend’s story and music, which allows the player filming to zoom in on Stitches’ surprised and distressed faces as the other villagers are seen behind plants and the couch in question, which may make it even funnier.

The use of Harv’s Island to re-create the TikTok trend is rather creative. It’s also unique in how the fan who made the video decided on how to not only get around the game’s lack of romantic gestures but how to adapt the story to work better in Animal Crossing. It all comes together for a video that’s sure to give many New Horizons players a good laugh.

While players use Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ customization features to re-create TikTok trends and memes, many interesting and wholesome videos have come out of their creativity. Now the “Couch Guy” video starring Stitches can be remembered by some fans as one of the more hilarious additions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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