Genshin Impact: Chirai Shrine – How to Find Your Way Through the Mist and Make an Offering

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Chirai Shrine Perch Location

First Feather Location

Second Feather Location

Third Feather Location

After arriving on Tsurumi Island, one of the first tasks for Genshin Impact players is to clear the mist at three cleansing sites throughout the island. At each of the three locations, Genshin Impact players will be required to find three feathers scattered across the area.

Once players successfully find all three feathers and submit them to the perch, the mist in the area will clear. This is extremely useful as there are a number of puzzles and collectibles in each of the locations that are extremely difficult to see through the mist.

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Chirai Shrine Perch Location

In the northeast of Tsurumi Island, players will find the Chirai Shrine region enveloped by the mist. Head to the northern part of the region to find the perch tree.

After reaching the perch tree, speak to Ruu and Ku. Once players have spoken with Ruu and Ku they can interact with the perch in order to begin the offering process.

First Feather Location

To find the first feather, head directly west of the perch’s location. Players will eventually reach a large rock formation that leads to a plateau.

After climbing the cliffside players should see the first feather in the middle of a field. However, when players attempt to grab the feather it will fly away.

Follow the feather north and proceed through the Phasegate that is found on the edge of the cliff. Once players enter the Phasegate they will be transformed into a ball of electro-energy and will be shot east towards the opposite side of the region.

After reaching the opposite side, continue following the feather. There are several Whopperflowers that players will encounter while following the feather in this area.

While players may be tempted to run away from the Whopperflowers, the feather cannot be picked up while in combat. After defeating the enemies, the feather’s final location will be directly south of the perch tree.

Second Feather Location

Head south from the Perch’s location and enter the destroyed stone structure. Once inside the structure players will find a large pit nearby containing the second feather.

Enter the pit and pick up the feather but be cautious of the Ruin Destroyers that spawn nearby.

Third Feather Location

After exiting the pit players should be able to see the third and final feather west of their current location. Head towards the feather and interact with it.

When players approach the final feather two Rifthounds will spawn. Defeat the Rifthounds in order to obtain the feather. Once players have obtained all three feathers they can return to the perch and submit the offering.

The mist will then clear and players will be able to see the region on the in-game map and will have a significantly easier time exploring the area. Players can now head towards either of the two remaining offering sites on Tsurumi Island.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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