Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Moshiri Kara Domain (Tsurumi Island)

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How to Find Moshiri Kara

Moshiri Kara’s Three Time Trial Challenges

Tsurumi Island concludes the final chapter of Genshin Impact’s Japan-inspired Inazuma arc, unveiling a spooky, treasure-stuffed environment to freshly explore. “Moshiri Kara” or “Tutelage: Nest-Bed of Ambition” is Tsurumi’s unique domain challenge: an abandoned mansion hidden away on a tiny subset of islands outside the Sea of Fog, now inhabited by “ravenous wolves.”

Genshin Impact Travelers who successfully hack their way through Moshiri Kara’s trial are awarded Primogems, Adventurer’s EXP, Electro Sigils, and a variety of other useful ascension materials. However, nothing in Inazuma is ever so straightforward. Before breaking into the mansion, players must break it free from stone.

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How to Find Moshiri Kara

Moshiri Kara is located directly north of Tsurumi Island: to access it, players should first head towards the tip of Tsurumi past Shirikoro Peak (keep to the shoreline where the fog hasn’t cleared) and activate the Waverider Waypoint.

Find Moshiri Kara’s icon on the map and enable navigation before following the point on the Waverider. Once the shore is reached, disembark from the Waverider and make note of the 3 sigil-locked Electro Totems each accompanied by a corresponding Phase Gate.

To unlock the Electro Totems, travel via Phase Gate to the tiny outcrops of land and complete the 3 Time Trial Challenges. The Time Trail Challenges may be differentiated by the statue’s shape. Players will want to establish a party with a Cryo or Pyro character, shield or healer, and one archer to accommodate the Defeat Opponents, Dexterity, and Blow Up the Exploding Barrels challenges.

Moshiri Kara’s Three Time Trial Challenges

The northernmost Phase Gate is a Defeat Opponents Challenge. The objective is to defeat 2 opponents (Thunderhelm Lawachurls) within 80 seconds. Thunderhelm Lawachurls generate Electro shields that are particularly vulnerable to Cryo and Pyro elements and deposit Electro Shards with AoE explosive power. Their 50% Physical Resistance, 70% Electro Resistance, and 10% Elemental Resistance make them more susceptible to elemental reactions such as Overload and Electro-charged rather than Physical DPS-led Superconduct teams. Once their shields are down, Melt and Vaporize set-ups deal heavier damage. Avoid health drainage from big hits and long-term grass Burn with a shield or healer.

Once the Lawachurls are defeated, an Exquisite Chest will spawn. The Phase Gate will transport players straight back to the original Gate: the nearby Electro Totem is now unlocked. Before leaving, grab the floating boxes for Mora and exploration points. The Hilichurls are also hoarding treasure on their nearby constructs, but are easier to reach with the Waverider already at the shore, so swing by to ruin their day later.

Charge the Electro Totem with an Electro attack and take the Phase Gate on the right of the island. Behind the ship debris is an Aiming Challenge: blow up 6 exploding barrels within 120 seconds. Yellow diamond markers indicate the location of the barrels scattered atop the Hilichurl’s ramshackle boathouse. Switch to a bow-user and destroy the barrels (crushing a barrel in the center of a group will destroy all adjacent barrels).

Once complete, an underwhelming Common Chest will spawn, though this exercise did provide a sneak-peek of meatier prizes available under the watchful Hilichurls’ eyes that can be grabbed with the Waverider when the job is done. Ride the Phase Gate back to the main island and shock the Electro Totem into wakefulness.

The last remaining Phase Gate brings players to a Dexterity Challenge: Collect 9 Electro Particles within 120 seconds. Begin the challenge, summon Electrograna from the nearby Sakura Bough, and pluck the particles from the sky. The chain of Electro pauses at another Phase Gate after three particles – enter the Gate for particles four and five, but avoid the next Gate.

Summon Electrograna on the new plot of land and the process of acquiring the remaining four particles will loop players back to the original Phase Gate, where a generous Precious Chest awaits.

Take the Phase Gate back to the island and activate the Electro Totem. Upon activation, Moshiri Kara’s rocky prison will crumble and the domain rises from the ground, ready for scavenging. These Time Trail Challenges may be completed in any order. Unlocking Moshiri Kara earns players an Achievement and extra little pat-on-the-back in the form of 5 Primogems.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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