Metroid Dread: Every Energy, Missile & Power Bomb Tank in Elun

Given how small Elun is when compared to some of the other regions that Samus visits in Metroid Dread, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that there aren’t very many items hidden there. In fact, there are only four of them, making it by far the most baron region in the game when it comes to health and ammo upgrades.

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The good news is that all but one of Elun’s upgrade tanks can be collected on the first visit, meaning that players won’t have to keep coming back every time they find new equipment or unlock a new technique like they do with some of the other areas in Metroid Dread. In total, players can find a full tank of energy, two regular Missile Tanks, and a single Power Bomb Tank hidden throughout the region.

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Energy Tank #1 Missile Tank #1 Missile Tank #2 Power Bomb Tank #2

Every Energy Tank in Elun

Energy Tank #1

Shortly after entering Elun for the first time, players will see an Energy Tank embedded in the ceiling shortly after passing through the first Wide Beam door. To reach the tank, they’ll need to destroy the three blocks to the left and then use a Morph Ball bomb in order to blow up another hidden block directly to the tank’s left.

Every Missile Tank in Elun

Missile Tank #1

Elun’s first Missile Tank can be found in the southeast corner of the map and requires the use of the Shinespark to collect. Thankfully, however, this one’s a lot easier than some of the game’s other Shinespark puzzles, with players simply needing to run into the nearby fan, store their momentum by flicking the left analog stick down, and then release it after sliding through a couple of tunnels.

Missile Tank #2

The second Missile Tank in Elun is the only item that can’t be collected on the first visit. Players will need to return after obtaining the Power Bomb in Hanubia, at which point they should head to the network of tunnels in the northern part of the region. There, they’ll need to destroy a Power Bomb block and will then be able to approach and collect the tank from the right side of the screen.

Every Power Bomb Tank in Elun

Power Bomb Tank #1

There’s only one Power Bomb Tank in Elun, and it can be found in the network of tunnels in the east of the region. After following these tunnels down from above, players will simply need to jump up while in ball or regular form to collect the clearly visible Power Bomb tank.

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