Metroid Dread: How to Get Missile+ Tank in Ferenia (Speed Booster Blocks)

In order to obtain several of the collectibles in Metroid Dread, players will need to perform some fairly challenging maneuvers. One of the collectibles that can be a bit difficult to nab is the Missile+ Tank that is located at the top-left corner of Ferenia, near the tram that leads to Ghavoran, and it is behind a series of Speed Booster blocks. For those Metroid Dread fans that may be struggling to collect this Tank, assistance can be found in what follows.

Metroid Dread: Ferenia Missile Plus Tank (Speed Booster Blocks)

The first step toward obtaining the Missile+ Tank in Ferenia is positioning Samus in the room that is just to the right of the one that contains the collectible. From this room, fans should start running to the left and immediately activate Speed Booster in Metroid Dread. When they reach the end of their runway, players should perform two jumps to the left, wall jump off of the small overhang on the left-side of the room, and run back toward the door that they just passed through.

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Fans should then perform another wall jump off of the wall that is just above the aforementioned door. They should then immediately slide to pass over the Pitfall blocks and through the narrow tunnel, pressing L2 and down on the left joystick upon exiting the tunnel to store the Speed Booster energy. Players can now use Metroid Dread’s Morph Ball ability to re-enter the tunnel, use a Bomb to blow up the Bomb blocks, and press B to blast through the Speed Booster blocks above.

With all of this established, it may be helpful to address the most difficult part of the maneuver: maintaining Speed Booster during the two wall jumps. Indeed, it can be quite challenging to keep momentum on these jumps, especially if a player has already unlocked Space Jump in Metroid Dread. That said, there is one simple trick that should help fans nail these Speed Booster wall jumps fairly consistently.

Specifically, it is recommended that a player hold their joystick in the direction of the wall, then press B to jump, and then change the direction of the joystick. While this adjustment may take a bit of practice, it is much more consistent than altering the directional input before B has been pressed. Additionally, there are some other collectibles that are accessed with Speed Booster wall jumps, such as the Missile+ Tank in Dairon, and it is thus worthwhile to spend some time mastering them.

Metroid Dread is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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