A Hoodie For Your Xbox Controller Is Available Now For $25

The Xbox Gear Shop has added a new item to its catalog, and it’s not something anyone might have expected. The store is now selling mini hoodies for your Xbox controller.

That’s right, this is a hoodie not for your own comfort and warmth, but for the comfort and warmth of your Xbox controller. The mini hoodie is made of 100% polyester and will fit any new Xbox controller. The hoodie also has a zipper and little “arm” holes.

The mini hoodie comes in black or white and costs $25. Orders placed today from the Xbox Gear Shop should arrive between December 16-20, so shoppers can be assured it’ll arrive in time for the holidays. The Xbox Gear Shop ships to the US and to many international markets.

How adorable

In other Xbox news, the Xbox Series S Holiday bundle is available now for $250

, or perhaps cheaper depending on where you’re shopping. It’s the end of November, and that means Xbox Game Pass is losing a bunch of titles very soon, including Final Fantasy XIII-2, Mortal Shell, and more.

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