After seeing Netflix’s new The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer, I might actually watch the show

Image: Netflix

Netflix just released the official teaser trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin, the prequel series starring Michelle Yeoh, and to my surprise, I thought it looked quite good. I only made it through three episodes of the first season of The Witcher before dropping it, so I wasn’t really looking forward to Blood Origin, which takes place 1,200 years before the events of the main Witcher series. But this new trailer might have swayed me to tune in.

It looks like Blood Origin will be an epic and battle-filled fantasy series, and based on a few brief glimpses in the trailer, it seems Yeoh will be playing a critical role in everything going on. (I’m crossing my fingers for some awesome action scenes — I’m still in awe of Yeoh’s performance in…

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