AK-xolotl Is A Game About A Cute Little Axolotl With A Gun, And Sometimes A Hat

Over 600% funded on Kickstarter.

AK-xolotl, as the name implies, is about an axolotl, and an AK. That’s a type of gun. It’s a rather adorable top-down roguelike in which one grumpy axolotl goes on a rampage to find food to feed themselves and their babies, and thanks to its successful Kickstarter, it’ll be coming to Nintendo Switch!

The roguelike aspect is where it gets interesting, of course: You’ll be taking care of baby axolotls, which grow up into playable axolotls, which means that you can customise their traits and weapons as they grow. Plus, you can use the spoils of your runs to cook meals which unlock permanent upgrades to your little family, which includes… HATS.

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