Apex Legends Mobile Fire Away Challenge Guide

Apex Legends Mobile‘s new Cold Snap battle pass went live last week, bringing with it a new in-game challenge called Fire Away. The assault weapon-themed event requires players to complete challenges using specific firearms in return for free loot, diamonds (Cold Snap’s seasonal currency), Flux (used to craft legend skins), and the mobile-exclusive Half-light Haze Flatline skin.

But the event isn’t sticking around for long–it ends on June 21, so players who want to snag all the free loot need to get a move on. Thankfully, the Fire Away event’s challenges can easily be completed in a matter of hours (or less, if you’re playing with friends). Keep reading for a look at the Fire Away event’s challenges and loot, along with some tips on how to complete this event as quickly as possible.

Getting started

Upon logging in, you’ll be met with a splash screen for the Fire Away event. Select “Go!” or select the “Seasonal Events” banner located on the right side of the main lobby screen to be taken to the Fire Away event page, where you can get a closer look at the challenges.


Similar to previous Apex Mobile events with free rewards, Fire Away requires players to pull off specific in-game feats, each of which come with a reward in the form of 20 challenge points. To obtain all of the free Fire Away event prizes, players must accumulate 120 challenge points by completing the following challenges:

Deal 500 Damage with the R-301 in any modeDeal 800 Damage with the Flatline in any modeGet 3 kills with a Hemlock in any modeDeal 100 damage with the G7 Scout in a single match in any modeGet a total of 15 cumulative 15 knockdowns using any assault rifle in any modeDeal 2,000 damage with any assault rifle in any mode


As previously mentioned, each challenge nets you 20 challenge points. Completing all six challenges will give you access to all of the event’s rewards, but just in case you don’t have time to finish the event, here’s a breakdown of each reward and how many challenges points you must accumulate to obtain it.

15 challenge points: 2,000 diamonds for use in the Seasonal Store35 challenge points: Snowflake gun charm60 challenge points: 4,000 diamonds for use in the Seasonal Store85 challenge points: 100 Flux for cosmetics in the crafting section of the in-game store120 challenge points: the Rare-tier Half-light Haze Flatline skin, a mobile-exclusive skinThe Half-light Haze R-301 skin, an Apex Legends Mobile exclusive.


While the challenges themselves are pretty straightforward, it can be difficult to coordinate with teammates, so we recommend turning on voice chat, or squadding up with friends, who will likely be willing to hand over any weapons you may be in need of to complete a specific challenge. It’s wise to avoid hot-dropping, unless you plan on landing in an area with high-tier loot, where assault rifles are more likely to spawn.

But whether you’re playing on your own or with friends, Loba is hands-down the best legend to use while participating in the Fire Away event, as her Black Market eliminates the need to scour the map for a specific weapon. Because Loba’s ultimate ability puts the assault rifles right at her fingertips, players can quickly snag any firearm they need, allowing more time to be spent racking up damage in combat to complete the event’s challenges.

Although this challenge event is relatively easy to complete, it won’t be sticking around for long. Fire Away ends on June 21, so any interested players have roughly 30 hours to fight their way to the Half-light Haze skin.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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