Arrakis looks dangerous as ever in survival game Dune: Awakening

Image: Funcom

If Dune: Part Two has left you, uh, thirsting for more of Frank Herbert’s world, Dune: Awakening might just be the thing. First revealed in 2022, Awakening is a survival MMO from Funcom set on the harsh desert planet of Arrakis — and a brief new gameplay trailer gives a sense of just how harsh it can be.

That includes the giant worms, which apparently can’t be killed, but which you’ll definitely want to avoid. There’s also some ornithopter combat and what looks like fairly extensive base-building options. Of course, if you’re trying to eke out a living on a planet like Arrakis, you’ll want to make a nice getaway. The trailer doesn’t get much into the pure survival element, but given this is Dune, you can bet you’ll spend a lot of time…

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