Blake: The Visual Novel (Review) – Is it worth your time?

The story of Blake is an entrancing psychological thriller. The visual novel was developed by Ori Mees and published under LegendOri Productions, who wrote it in their spare time while already working as a play test coordinator for other games companies like Outriders or Control (to name just few). Credits include Life Is Strange 2 also released this year; John Wick Hex which came out last year too!

The title screen music entranced me. I stayed on the menu for a good 10 minutes just listening to that lush, smooth jazz only Sam Dudley and Dan Le sac could have created- it already told me this story would be noir or maybe even more accurately: A Detective Story! The notes were perfect; they led you into what was about to come next with such mastery . It’s one of many reasons why immersing myself in relatively felt easy (and enjoyable).

Diego Llorente and Adrian Stone really made each look unique, using amazing line work to create a sense of atmosphere. The first scene in Blake as he is introduced with an art background shows mastery not only for how it was drawn but also by setting up the mood through cleverly placed lighting techniques that help immerse you into this game even more!

When I started playing, there was no expectation that a choice would be offered. The scene blackened and soon enough Blake found himself standing on top of some high-rise building looking out at all those lights below him… First thoughts were this must either be one helluva dream? Later in story when more about why these opening events happened came up – oh boy did they ever give shockser!

The decisions you make in this game will change how things go for Blake. You can end up with several different outcomes depending on which path of choices leads to something more significant than just character deaths or missing mini-games, like what might happen if he had a second chance at life after saving someone’s soul?

I found that while playing through again there were some variations b ased off certain events but not too much else – typically only one thing changing from start till finish (maybe even less). This led me wondering about exploring deeper into these consequences should we get another playthrough

The exploration of what is the story in Blake helps people to understand D.I.D (Split Personality Disorder). This was once called Split Personality or Multiple Personalities, but it’s more than that – for those who don’t have this condition and really know nothing about how someone might feel when they’re operating through different personalities; these books can give an idea on whether one has them too! And even if you think your life looks perfectly stable as-is: beware because there may still come times where everything changes suddenly without warning… The questions in the game that Blake has to answer are ones you might hear from your therapist. These exercises help measure where on a scale of mental healthiness, how healthy someone is feeling at any given time and can be used as an indicator for potential problems or issues down the road if left unchecked forever!

The option to turn text-to speech on is a great feature for those who don’t want to read. I found myself reading after trying it out, because like reading an actual book you just imagine what the voices are like and pretend that they’re speaking in front of you.

Blake is a short but enjoyable game with beautiful art and music that explores what life would be like if you were born into this particular world. I found myself not really changing much of my route throughout the course story since there wasn’t much aftermath shown after playing through it once already, so for me at least I think about whether or not another playthrough might have been worth doing depending on whether they plan on making any more games featuring these characters again in future titles?

The ending of this game left me feeling like there were more stories to tell. I can’t help but feel that maybe we will see Blake again one day, or at least hear about his latest adventure somewhere down the line? It’s hard not knowing what happens after you finish playing and it makes planning future plays difficult because things could go either way with any given character (good/bad). That said though – if an author is able make players think “This isn’t really end,” then they’ve done their job well!

The story of Blake is one that will really leave you wanting more. It’s a psychological thriller visual novel with great visuals and music, perfect for those who love twists in their favorite games! I highly recommend giving this one shot gem by throwback masters UMB Games Studios an appearance if only to find out what happens next- there might just be some unexpected surprises around every corner…

Mental health is an important issue that often goes unacknowledged. I think Blake: The Visual Novel is a title that did well to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2022) and bring attention to the topic of mental health. The game has been well-received by players and critics alike, with many people praising its realistic portrayal of mental illness. I hope that more people will learn about mental health and seek help if they need it. Thank you for playing Blake: The Visual Novel, and thank you for helping to raise awareness about mental health.

Blake: The Visual is US$7.99 in Steam currently

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