Crimson Desert Trailer Introduces Combat, Exploration In Black Desert Successor

Crimson Desert was reintroduced to the world at Opening Night Live, showing its first trailer since it debuted in 2020. The new trailer showcased the main character, Kliff, investigating an event that occurred in the Hernand region as he starts his journey.

The trailer aimed to show the vast scope of the action-RPG by spotlighting its large open world consisting of untamed natural regions and sprawling cities. The trailer also took a closer look at combat–from hand-to-hand and grappling to using environmental weapons and mounted on horseback–against large crowds and tough bosses. Plus, we got a look at some of the other things you’ll spend your time doing: skydiving, parkour and environmental climbing, and minigames like fishing, arm wrestling, and horse wrangling.

Crimson Desert is being developed by Pearl Abyss using its own BlackSpace Engine. It’s slated for release on PC and console. Pearl Abyss is best known for the Black Desert series of action-RPGs, which Crimson Desert is a spiritual successor to.

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