Crypto Expert Koh Kim and Industry Legend Andy Chambers Join the Social First Team as Advisors

Following their $2.5 million pre-seed investment, announced in January 2022, Finnish game studio Social First takes another major step forward with its growth plans, announcing the appointment of two advisors: Koh Kim, Growth Hacker and specialist in crypto gaming, and Andy Chambers, highly acclaimed game designer and author. Both advisors will work with Social First in achieving the company’s mission of leading the way for Gen2 Web3 gaming.

Koh Kim, from Los Angeles joins the team with more than a decade of experience in building businesses in consumer tech and gaming. As Head of Ecosystems, she leads marketing and partnerships at Mysten Labs. Previously, she co-led the Google Play gaming business development team where she helped to scale the games business 10x to $10B revenue in 3 years. She has served as an investor and advisor to numerous crypto, e-commerce and gaming brands.

Koh will be working with Social First to help them lead Gen2 of Web3 gaming. She says, “The future of web3 relies on gaming. What other industry has billions of users interacting digitally with each other? The new generation of web3 gaming studios is where the innovation will be. Team is #1 for me in the gaming space, and Social First has a stellar team. I’m excited by the new player experiences and economic models being explored by the Social First team and look forward to building together.”.

Andy Chambers joins the team with over thirty years of industry experience, starting his professional games career at Games Workshop and the Warhammer games, and moving to studios such as Activision Blizzard, where he worked as Creative Director and Lead Writer for StarCraft 2. Andy will be advising on world building; creating engaging and immersive worlds for players to enjoy. “I’m excited to be joining Social First’s veteran team and helping them develop a compelling new fantasy world IP”, says Andy.

“We are thrilled to have Koh and Andy joining us, they are both top talent in their respective fields and together, their expertise is a perfect fit for our company strategy moving forward.

Koh’s experience in Web3 is unparalleled and she has demonstrated that through several successful NFT and token sales with numerous companies. She will be instrumental in creating our Gen2 Web3 strategy.

Andy of course is nothing short of an industry legend, in large part creating Warhammer 40K and Fantasy IP’s during his time at Games Workshop. We are very much looking forward to working with him on our new fantasy world IP & brand”, says Social First CEO Kim Soares.

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