Dead Cells’ Enter The Panchaku Update Lets You Pet Your Pets

Dead Cell’s latest update is called Enter the Panchaku, the 30th one–an impressive number for an indie game released in 2018.

Players can get a Bobby skin with the pink flamehead and the Panchaku–a weapon consisting of two frying pans tied together. It crits when you hit enemies in front, but also can attack enemies in the back. The Panchaku can deflect bombs and projectiles as well. It’s also the first weapon that can move independently, meaning the Panchaku is fully animated and not just reliant on special effects.

The legendary item system has been overhauled as well. In the old system, legendary item’s damage scaled off the two highest stats and purely increased offensive stats. The new legendary system introduces something called affixes. Each legendary weapon will have a legendary affix that cannot be removed or replaced. Some examples of affixes are like the lacerating aura, which makes victims bleed, adds 80% damage to poison targets, and freezes enemies when the effect ends. There’s also others that set enemies on fire, increases crit damage, and doubles projectiles.

The Panchaku patch also includes a hefty rebalance. It’s been over a year since the last major item rebalance, so many abilities and weapons have all been tweaked.

Dead Cells is also getting a crossover with Souls Knight in the PC and console versions. The mobile edition already had the crossover features, so this is basically a port of the collaboration–a new magic bow weapon and Soul Knight-inspired outfit– to other editions.

And last but not least, you can pet your pets now! There’s no buffs or bonuses from doing so, but it’s a nice addition.

Dead Cells’ development also isn’t ending anytime soon, according to the dev team. Fall 2022 will see a boss rush mode, there will be a surprise in Winter 2022, and apparently 2023 will be “the most exciting year in Dead Cells’ history.”

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