Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Update Teases Amusing Lore Entries

BioWare is hard at work on the next entry in the Dragon Age series, and the studio has unveiled a few codex entries in order to whet fans’ appetites. In a community update on their blog, BioWare revealed a few lightly-redacted lore tidbits from the upcoming game, as well as a sit-down Q&A with two of the game’s narrative staffers.

The first of the three entries offered is a humorous explanation of “misconceptions” surrounding a location known as the “Grand Necropolis,” such as the denizens pounding against the interior of their coffins. The second describes a dragon who fights to protect her young. The third is an amusing review of an in-universe romance story in a publication called the “Randy Dowager Quarterly.”

In the Q&A, narrative edi tor Ryan Cormier and senior writer Sylvia Feketekuty describe the BioWare writing process. At one point, Feketekuty explains that video game writers are responsible for far more than just dialogue and characters: they help design missions, organize information flow, and even the overall direction of the game. Cormier also explains that the in-deptrh editing process for a BioWare game doesn’t truly begin until the writers are preparing to record voiceover.

“Editing starts broadly and becomes detailed later in the process because it doesn’t help a writer to hear, ‘This is a run-on sentence,’ when we’re still five drafts away from final,” Cormier explains. “We save line edits for last. Until then, editors try to hold their tongues on grammar and punctuation.”

Overall, the blog post is an interesting read for BioWare fans who might be curious about the studio’s writing process. More than that, however, it serves as a “proof of life” that they’re still making Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which still doesn’t have a release date. However, recent rumors from a few months back indicate that the game may launch in late 2023, if not later.

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