Dragon’s Dogma 2 Players Are Warning Each Other About The Plague With A Rotten Gimmick

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players have discovered a few tricks that signal to other players a pawn is infected. Careful, spoilers for Dragon’s Dogma 2 follow.

In the game, players’ companions known as pawns can become inflicted with a disease known as Dragonsplague. These pawns will be especially bold in combat and speech, they may begin to discuss the plague, and their eyes may start to glow red. The Dragonsplague cannot be cured, but if a pawn dies or if you dismiss the pawn, you can avoid the plague’s worst consequences. However, dismissing the pawn does not rid it of the plague. Therefore, each infected pawn still can transmit it to different players online.

An article in Eurogamer compiles some players’ solutions to their problem, mostly saddling their pawns with rotten food. For example, a thread on Reddit opens with “I’m giving rotten fruit to any pawn I get that has Dragonsplague.” In a discussion on the Steam forums

about how to warn players, one user suggests rotten food as a sign of infection. Other players think that rotten food is too vague, offering wilted flowers as an alternative.

In any case, if you get a pawn back from the void and find rotten food or flowers in its clutches, you may want to check if has Dragonplague and, if so, throw it in the brine to be cured.

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