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ESDigital Games’ Cats on Duty Taking Steam Next Fest by Storm!


ESDigital Games’ Cats on Duty Taking Steam Next Fest by Storm! 

Fur-tastic PC demo, Next Fest Live Broadcast and community competition – it’s time for the fur to fly! 

Limassol, Cyprus, October 12, 2023. Leading indie video game publisher ESDigital Games has been sharpening its claws and unleashing exciting new content for the unique and exciting new title Cats on Duty during Steam Next Fest. 

Developed by Prikol Team, Cats on Duty is a purr-fectly hilarious and action-packed blend of real-time strategy, tower defense, and match-3 mechanics, where heavily armed battle-hardened cat veterans of rodent skirmishes and yarn tangles take charge in defending their homeland (and litter boxes) against the forces of great evil! 

Cats on Duty is enjoying great success during Steam Next Fest, with the first-ever game demo going live with access to five levels of the full game for feline fans to get their paws on. If that’s not enough, this weekend will see the second official Steam Next Fest Live Broadcast hit at 3pm BST/4pm CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT on Saturday, 14 October! Watch the fur fly as the Prikol Team goes live and showcases all-new gameplay for fans to check out.  

Watch the previously released announcement trailer here

The ESDigital community team have also been busy putting together a paw-some competition during the event with the chance for 10 lucky fans to win a great prize! Head over to the competition page here for information on how to enter! 

Features of Cats on Duty

  • Tactical Tower Defense: Defend your territory with a brutal arsenal of weaponry. From powerful rifles that reach the enemy at a distance to death-defying assassins with blades sharper than any groomer’s scissors, strategically place your feline soldiers to ensure victory on the battlefield.

  • Unleash the Cattitude: Prepare for epic cat fights, playful antics, and adorable meows as your feline warriors show off their unique personalities and unleash their special abilities. Brace yourself for a blend of sass and strategy that will keep you entertained throughout the battles.

  • Match-3 Mayhem: It’s not just tower defense; it’s tower defense with a twist of addictive match-3 gameplay! Connect gems on the resource field to receive currency and purchase cat towers. Swap and combine cats on the battlefield to create upgraded towers and unleash devastating attacks. Inspired by Plants vs Zombies and Tower Swap, Cats on Duty takes the best of the genre and enhances it with captivating match-3 mechanics.

  • Customize and Improve your Squad: Unlock and collect various quirky cat characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. From snipers and assassins to shotgun-toting Rambo-like felines and even a battle version of Puss in Boots, tailor your team to your playstyle and create the ultimate squad of kitty heroes. Gather three kittens in a row and witness the birth of a SUPER BATTLE CAT!

  • Epic Enemies: Face off against formidable foes that will make your whiskers tremble. Zombies, skeletons, spiders, Baba Yaga, and EPIC bosses await your tactical prowess. Sharpen your claws, load your shotguns, and show them who’s the real top cat on the battlefield!

  • Unique Environments: Explore diverse and meticulously crafted levels, from deceptively cozy suburban backyards to mysterious deserts. Each environment presents unique challenges that require a cunning strategy to emerge victorious.

  • Charming Pixel-Cat Graphics: Immerse yourself in a vibrant, whimsical world filled with colorful environments and adorable cat animations. It’s a visual feast that will make you feel like you’re right in the midst of a kitty adventure!

Cats on Duty will also make its gamescom debut next week as ESDigital Games will be exhibiting in both the Trade and Entertainment Zones of gamescom Asia. The team will be on hand in the Trade Zone (Stand BB21) to demo the game to trade and press who want to get further insights into the game before launch. In the Entertainment Zone, Cats on Duty will be playable in the Indie Zone by Wavemakers on stand Indie-24. 

Cats on Duty will be released later this year for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam and PlayStation now!

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