ESO High Isle Skyshards – Where To Find All New Elder Scrolls Online Skyshards

The newest expansion of the Elder Scrolls Online is officially live for PC players. High Isle is a gorgeous area that explores the history of the Bretons and takes players across sprawling lands covered in crystal-blue water. Console players will have to wait another two weeks for their turn exploring High Isle, however. For PC players, one of the first bits of content they might want to consume is finding all of the available Skyshards. This has become a ritual of sorts for veteran players; Skyshards are an easy way to fully explore a new expansion without diving too much into the main story quests. Also, it never hurts to garner more Skill Points for your character. As any ESO player will know, Skyshards are one of the key ways that you can earn Skill Points, which you can then spend on skills to improve your character’s stats.

However, as with any new expansion, the location of the Skyshards are relatively hidden until more players discover exactly where they are. If you want to absorb all Skyshards in High Isle as quickly as possible, we have you covered. Below, you can find a full map of High Isle and where each Skyshard along with a list of each physical location they’re found in.

ESO: High Isle Skyshards

In total, there are 18 Skyshards in High Isle, all of which are evenly spread around the map. Most of them are found on the main island but there is a handful also located on the secondary island to the northwest. There are six Skyshards found in Delves, meaning you’ll need to venture inside and go through the cave in order to reach the shard.

Those Delves are: Coral Cliff, Breakwater Cave, Shipwreck Shoals, Whalefall, Death’s Valor Keep, and The Firepot. A few more Skyshards can also be found in Public Dungeons, which might require you to join a party to find them. The Public Dungeons in High Isle are Ghost Haven Bay and Spire of the Crimson Coin. Once you arrive on the main island, you’ll be able to find several within the direct vicinity of the starting area.

However, you’ll have to progress through the story quests slightly before you’re able to access the rest of the Skyshards. Earning all 18 of the Skyshards will earn you the High Isle Skyshard Hunter achievement.

Here’s a map of where you can find every Skyshard in High Isle, with their corresponding locations found underneath.

High Isle Skyshard locationsLocated inside Breakwater Cave, on a ledge overlooking a pool of waterFound southwest of the Coral Road WayshrineFound northwest of the Coral Road Wayshrine and across the river from The FirepotLocated at the end of a bridge in The FirepotFound directly north of Gonfalon Bay before the bridge crosses over the riverLocated inside of the hedge maze in Spire of the Crimson CoinFound right before the Volcanic Vent’s moat that’s southwest of the Dufort Shipyards WayshrineLocated on the small All Flags Island to the north of the castleLocated in Shipwreck Shoals at the end of a long trailFound to the very north of High Isle’s main island near Mistmouth CaveInside Death’s Valor Keep being guarded by a zombieFound in the rocks above Jheury’s CoveLocated in the river’s rocks on High Isle’s northern island, to the west of the Volcanic Vent and northwest of the Amenos Station WayshrineInside Ghost Haven Bay along a path on the south side of the dungeonFound southwest of the Flooded Coast Wayshrine along the main road on the east side of the northern islandInside Coral Cliffs by a blue tree on the northwestern side of the caveLocated just north of Skulltooth Coast by several wrecked ships along the coastInside Whalefall high above the main path, near the cliff that borders the southwest side of the cave

Those are all of the Skyshards in the High Isle expansion of the Elder Scrolls Online. Happy hunting!

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