Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Uniqlo Merch Now Available, XIV Shirt Already Sold Out

Final Fantasy’s Uniqlo collection celebrating the franchise’s 35th anniversary was released today–and a lot of products are already sold out. The collection features a limited-edition graphic tee for every game in the FF series, from FFI to the unreleased FFXVI. Each shirt retails for $20.

As of writing this, FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFIV, FFXIV, and FXII are currently sold out online in the US. However, it appears Uniqlo is restocking in limited sizes periodically, so make sure to check those shirts later if you really want one.

Here are the in-stock T-shirts and what sizes they’re currently available in:

FFV — $20 (S, M)FFVI — $20 (XXS – M)FFVII — $20 (XXS – M)FFVIII — $20 (XXS – M, XXL, 3XL)FFIX — $20 (XXS – M, XXL, 3XL)FFX — $20 (XXS – L)FFXI — $20 (XXS, XS, XXL, 3XL)FFXIII

— $20 (XXL, 3XL)FFXV — $20 (XS – L)FFXVI — $20 (XS – M)All the shirts available in the Uniqlo x Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collab

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