Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3’s Story Might Already Be Done

According to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania, a guidebook edited by Digital Hearts and published by Square Enix, the third part of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy already has its story completed.

As translated on Twitter, director Tetsuya Nomura, he believes that the voice acting process for the third game will start in the near future. Additionally, he said that producer Yoshinori Kitase came to him with “something” that wasn’t in the original Final Fantasy VII game. While no further details about what that “something” could be, Nomura is thinking about how to deliver that and believes that audiences will respond positively to it if the team can pull it off.

FF7 Remake Part 3 main story has already been completed, and Nomura thinks they will perhaps start voice recording in the near future.
He remarks that Kitase proposed an idea to him about “something” very important to include, even though it wasn’t in the…

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Kitase also explained that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth only took three years to complete, and hopes to get the third installment of the remake trilogy out in a similar time frame. The reason why Square Enix was so efficient is because it retained the same staff who worked on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

If Square Enix plans to follow the same timeline as Rebirth, then it’s possible that Part 3 could be released as soon as 2027. Both Remake and Rebirth have taken tremendous steps to flesh out the Final Fantasy VII universe by adding new characters, expanding mini-games, and creating an open-world. The games have also explored one of their central antagonists, Shinra Electric Power Company

, to incorporate them more into its worldbuilding.

In GameSpot’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review, we said, “Thankfully, what Final Fantasy Rebirth succeeds at eclipses what it fumbles. It’s a superbly designed gameplay experience that instills a sense of freedom while also making exploration rewarding in a meaningful way. Refined gameplay that makes character synergy a focal point breathes new life into the slick and satisfying combat, and all the while it reinforces the underlying themes of the story.”

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