Fortnite: Where To Find Octane From Rocket League In Battle Royale

The latest crossover between Fortnite and Rocket League is finally underway, so you can now find Octane vehicles scattered across the battle royale island. This beloved vehicle is Rocket League’s most iconic car, so fans of the popular vehicular soccer game are certain to adore driving around in Fortnite–especially since it can drive up walls. You heard that right. Read on for where you can find this exciting new car and how it works.

Where to find Octane cars and how they work

Octane cars can be found at multiple spots throughout the map. We’ve got the full list of spawn spots and a map to help you decide where to grab one of these Rocket League vehicles for yourself.

On the race course at Chonker’s SpeedwayIn the middle of Shiny SoundAt the northern section of Rocky ReelsOn the western side of Cloudy CondosAt the upper area of Chromejam JunctionOn the racetrack to the south of Chrome CrossroadsIn the middle section of Tainted TowersAt the northwestern section of Greasy GroveOctane car spawn locations

Once you’ve gotten behind the wheel of one of these exciting new cars, you’ll find that it has a few tricks up its sleeve. F or starters, it can drive up vertical surfaces

, so you can scale walls and other barriers easily. But to get attached to a vertical surface, you’ll often need to be able to get some air–and that’s where the Octane car shows its true power. This vehicle features the ability to double jump into the air, which will then allow you to dodge, do tricks, or position yourself for some vertical attachment.

To double jump, simply press the jump button twice. While in the air, you can control your rotation in any direction, and you can even press the jump button once more while rotating to dodge. If you decide to go careening off the side of a massive cliff for some sweet air, you can even pitch back and hold the boost button to fly for a while. If you can master all of these movement options, you can then mix and match them during battles to really throw off your enemies and give them a dose of chaos.

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