Get 14 Halo Graphic Novels For Only $18

The galaxy is a pretty big place, and when it comes to Halo, that means that there are a lot of stories to be told. While you’re resting up between sessions of Halo: Infinite, you’ll want to check out this new Humble Bundle comprised of 14 Halo graphic novels. This massive ebook bundle features some of the best adventures of Master Chief and his fellow Spartans. Even better, purchases will help support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, allowing your cash to go toward a worthy cause.

Paying the minimum of $1 will get you the first volume of Halo: Escalation, a story that takes place after the events of Halo 4, while paying at least $10 will increase your haul to four graphic novels. Pay $18, and you’ll get all 14 graphic novels, which are DRM-free and will be provided as easy-to-read PDFs for your tablet or smartphone. This bundle is available until September 30.

Halo: Graphic Novel and Halo: Lone Wolf

Some of the standout titles of this collection include the very first Halo graphic novel, the graphic novel adaptation of the great novel Halo: Fall of Reach, the massive two-volume Halo Omnibus, and the Initiation/Escalation series that follows the crew of UNSC Infinity after the war with the Covenant.

In all, you’re getting thousands of pages of Halo content at the highest tier. Considering that most of these books retail for a higher price on their own than this entire bundle, Halo fans are getting quite the deal here. If you want even more Halo reading material, check out the aforementioned Fall of Reach novel, which is the first of four novels in Halo: The Original Series


The Halo graphic novel Humble Bundle isn’t the only great book offer at the retailer. You still have a few more days to get all 17 novels in Steven Erikson’s beloved Malazan Book of the Fallen fantasy series for $18.

For another Humble deal of a different variety, don’t forget to check out this month’s Humble Choice lineup. For just $12, you can grab Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, The Forgotten City, and several other games through the subscription service, and these games will be yours to keep forever even if you do decide to cancel your membership. And for even more game bargains, take a look at Fanatical’s Bundlefest.

Humble Bundle Halo Graphic Novel Collection

Halo: Rise of AtrioxHalo: Tales from SlipspaceHalo Graphic NovelHalo: Lone WolfHalo: Collateral DamageHalo: Legacy CollectionHalo Omnibus Volume 1Halo Omnibus Volume 2Halo: Escalation Volume 1Halo: Escalation Volume 2Halo: Escalation Volume 3Halo: Escalation Volume 4Halo: Fall of ReachHalo: Initiation

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