Gorgeous Pixelated Metroidvania Needs Your Help To Secure A Switch Port

Rebel Transmute is live on Kickstarter.

Solo developer Evan Tor has showcased an upcoming Metroidvania titled Rebel Transmute, currently live on Kickstarter. The project has successfully passed its basic funding goal, but needs an extra push to secure a release on the Switch. At the time of writing, the funding currently sits at $21,114 and needs to hit $24,000 to bag its Switch port, so that’s a little under $3000 required from backers with 7 days remaining.

Rebel Transmute is a 2D pixelated Metroidvania inspired by Super Metroid and Hollow Knight, featuring “vast interconnected areas, interweaving story lines, a slew of game changing abilities, and engaging combat”. You take on the role of Moon Mikono who is on a mission to discover the circumstances surrounding her mother’s disappearance.

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