GTA 6 Trailer Recreated In Real Life, And It’s Incredible

Grand Theft Auto VI‘s announcement trailer has been recreated in real life, and the results are pretty impressive. YouTuber Andrew Levitt put together a recreation of the trailer featuring their own footage and video captured by Primecutpro and other video sources.

The video also uses the same song as the real trailer, Tom Petty’s “Love Is a Long Road.” Take a look at the trailer below, and a second video here in which Levitt offers a behind-the-scenes look at how he and his team put the video together and the lengths they went to in order to get the shots. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

The GTA VI announcement video put up massive viewership numbers, which is no surprise given the game is considered by some to be the most anticipated game release, perhaps ever. One analyst believes it’s the most important game release in the history of video games.

GTA VI is set for release in 2025, but some are expecting a delay given that pretty much every Rockstar Games title in the past 10+ years has been delayed.

GTA VI is reportedly now in the final stages of development. A recent report said the game could release in Fall 2025 or might slip to 2026


Rockstar Games is requiring most staffers to return to the office beginning April 15 to finish the game and to help prevent leaks. Not all Rockstar workers are happy about this, though, as some say the return-to-office mandate removes a lifeline.

GTA VI is in development at Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Rockstar’s teams around the world supporting the game’s development. Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two has said the developer is seeking “perfection.”

In other news, prolific voice actor Troy Baker recently confirmed he is not voicing the male lead in GTA VI.

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