GTA Weekly Online Update Adds Big Garage And More Los Santos Drug Wars Activities

GTA Online’s weekly update is here, and it comes with a new multi-floor garage that can store 50 vehicles. Each floor’s hangout areas are customizable with different decoration styles. GTA+ members can get the garage for free until March 15. Otherwise, players can purchase the garage from Dynasty 8’s in-game website.

Los Santos Drug Wars

There are new activities this week related to Los Santos Drug Wars, including new daily Stash House locations. Players can rob these safehouses and defeat enemies for GTA$ and product. There are also daily G’s Cache dead drops scattered around the city. They contain GTA$, ammunition, and snacks. Successful retrievals of the packages earn players 50% extra bonus GTA$ and RP.

In more drug trade activities, players also get extra 50% GTA$ by selling dealers drugs. Dealers will offer premiums on specific drugs they’d prefer, so players can earn extra cash by selling them the drugs they want.

Shop Robberies this week also dole out 2X GTA$ and RP.

Los Santos Drug Wars Challenge Rewards

Players can complete specific challenges before March 1 to get the following accessories and rare items.

Camo Roses Slab Denim jacket — sell to street dealerBudonk-adonk! Tattoo — sell drugs on the street on three separate daysPainted Tiger mask — sell drugs on the street on seven separate daysCamo Roses Slab Cap — rob a daily Stash HousePurple X-Ray Emissive mask — exfiltrate from daily stash houses for five days totalRed SC Dragon Revere Collar shirt — collect from daily Stash House on 10 different daysCamo Roses Slab Canvas shoes — collect G’s Cache onceRed SC Dragon Embroidered pants — collect’s G’s Cache 10 times

Gun Van

Get 10% discounts on Weapons, 15% off Throwables, and 30% off Body Armor. If players have a GTA+ Membership, they’ll get further discounts.

Unholy Hellbringer — new weaponRailgunCombat PDWSpecial CarbineService CarbinePistol .50Baseball BatKnifeMolotovsTear GasGrenades

Biker Bonuses

Biker Businesses — goods produced at double rateBiker Business Resupply Missions — double the suppliesRelay — double rewards for playing

GTA+ bonuses through March 15

The new 50-vehicle Eclipse Blvd GarageA free Emperor Vectre (Sports) from Legendary Motorsport with Mambas 24 and Sword Boy liveries.Lucha Libre tints for the Knife and Baseball Bat from the Gun Van50% off Acid Lab Supplies

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