Hands On: Everybody 1-2-Switch! Is Harmless Fun, But It’s No Wii Party

Phone a friend.

A sequel to the Switch launch title, 1-2-Switch, might not have made it onto our bingo cards for Nintendo’s post-Tears of the Kingdom 2023, but the rumours have been around for so long that we shouldn’t have been all the surprised when Everybody 1-2-Switch! was announced with little fanfare in the early hours on a Friday morning. Except we were.

The first game delivered some harmless fun when the Switch was all fresh and new. It showcased some of the cool features that the console promised and filled a gap when there weren’t all that many games available. But now, six years on and with enough games available to keep us going until the end of time, we couldn’t help but wonder: do we really need a sequel any more?

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