Hands On: The Witch Is Back – Bayonetta 3 Is Real, And We’ve Played It

It’s about (witch) time.

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly five whole years since the wickedly stylish witch Bayonetta revealed the fact her action combat series would become a trilogy, and it’s been almost eight years since Bayonetta 2 released on Wii U. That original reveal trailer showed so little and left us with so many questions. Would this be Bayonetta’s final adventure? Will we play as her exclusively throughout the game? This was all we had to chew on for so long and our minds couldn’t rest.

Bayo stans were starting to get worried as years passed on with little updates from the developers Platinum Games, who’ve kept themselves busy with the likes of the stellar Astral Chain, divisive Star Fox Zero, and the phenomenal NieR: Automata, which is coming to Switch soon. Then, around this same time last year, Nintendo pulled the trigger and gave us our first look at genuine gameplay of Bayonetta 3 on Switch and that’s when faith was restored.

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