Here’s Krafton’s virtual human Ana in action

Ana in her first music video. | Image: Krafton

Earlier this year, Krafton — the company best known for the battle royale shooter PUBGunveiled what it described as a “hyper-realistic” virtual human. Alongside those first images and details were some big plans to turn Ana, as she’s known, into a virtual star. Now we can see what that looks like with a brand-new music video.

The video is for a catchy track called “Shine Bright,” and it mixes some fantastical imagery — like Ana falling from the sky and wielding what looks like a magic ring — with the visuals you’d expect from a pop song. Perhaps most interesting are the smaller details, like Ana sneezing, meant to make this virtual creation seem more human. Krafton claims that Ana’s singing, meanwhile, is “completely artificial…

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