Here’s What’s Different In PS5’s Latest Model

Sony’s PS5 console got an update recently, shaving more weight off the Disc and Digital models. Externally, the console still looks the same, but internally, there have been some big changes to the hardware.

YouTuber Austin Evans opened up the latest PS5 iteration and discovered that the motherboard is around two inches smaller and a new system is installed to disperse heat. The SSD enclosure no longer has a printed circuit board through the entire length of the device and has more exposed metal, which Evans believes will dissipate heat more efficiently.

The cooling setup now has an additional heat pipe and a smaller heatsink, with the entire setup now being around a pound lighter than the original PS5’s hardware. As DIY YouTuber Matt Perks discovered when he created a PS5 slim, the heatsink elements take up the lion’s share of space inside of that custom console. Perks managed to make a PS5 Slim console by removing the heatsink, but he did need to install a large liquid-cooling setup for his project and hide it behind his TV cabinet.

As for tangible benefits, Evans theorized that this model will draw around 20-30 watts of power less during gaming sessions but heat and noise output will remain roughly the same. This new model comes at a time when Sony has increased the price of PS5 consoles

across most of the globe, citing various financial factors as the cause behind this decision.

Elsewhere in PlayStation news, a new gray camouflage console cover will be available later this year and the latest system software update has added 1440p HDMI video output support, game folders, and several social features. To see when new PS5 stock is available, keep an eye on GameSpot’s PS5 tracker page to see when new supplies are available near you.

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