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Hideo Kojima’s new Spotify podcast launches in September

Image: Spotify

Have you ever wanted to know how in the hell a man like Hideo Kojima comes up with some of the outlandish stuff you see in his games? Well, you’re about to, as he’s coming soon to earholes near you.

During Opening Night Live, otherwise known as Geoff Keighley’s European Adventure, the maestro of video game marketing announced that his friend, Hideo Kojima, would be making an appearance. And whenever Kojima deigns to show his face, the gaming world pauses with bated breath, waiting to see what bonkers-ass game that man has cooked up now. But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where in the Kojima fandom you fall), his newest announcement isn’t a new game or even a port of an old game but a podcast.

Brain Structure, Kojima’s new…

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