How Do You Improve The Switch Pro Controller? Just Add Some ‘Click’

Say hello to GameTraderZero’s ‘Clicky Mod’.

While we’ve seen plenty of pretenders to the throne, many Switch fans are of the opinion that the official Pro Controller is still the best pad to use when you’re playing on the TV or in tabletop mode. It’s comfortable, has a good D-Pad and offers the full range of features – motion control, HD Rumble and NFC support – some of which are often lacking in third-party alternatives.

However, GameTraderZeroa company whose efforts we’ve covered in the past – thinks it has achieved the impossible and actually improved the stock Pro Controller. The firm has taken the standard pad and hand-soldered tactile button switches beneath the ABXY / LR buttons and the digital pad, providing an experience which certainly sounds different during gameplay. Furthermore, GameTraderZero has given the pad’s ZL and ZR shoulder buttons ‘hair triggers’, so they emit a pleasant clicking sound when pressed.

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