Intel Introduces Unison, Its Own Phone Integration Tool For PC

Besides the 13th generation desktop processors, Intel yesterday also introduced its new Unison app which allows users to wirelessly synchronise their smartphones to their PCs. In essence, this tool works in the same vein as the Phone Link app (formerly known as Your Phone) on the Windows 10 and 11 platforms, but with a couple of differences. Chief amongst which is the ability to let users link up any smartphone to PCs, including iPhones – a feature that is unavailable on Microsoft’s own tool.

Wider range of smartphone compatibility aside, other features offered by the Intel Unison app are mostly similar to the ones available on Phone Link. These include the ever useful ability to quickly transfer files from your phone to PC wirelessly, browse photos, receive notifications, as well as send and receive text messages or phone calls. However, the one ability that is not offered by Unison but available through Microsoft’s own tool is screen mirroring.

Image: Intel

Intel Unison is actually based on a phone integration tool developed by Screenovate, an Israeli firm which the company had acquired in late 2021. This current iteration makes use of different connectivity standards including Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity, as well as featuring support for VPNs, firewalls and IT manageability. Additionally, the app will also come with touch screen support for displays that feature the functionality, on top of its default mouse and keyboard compatibility.

Image: Intel

Users eager to try the new app will be disappointed to know that Unison won’t be compatible for all PCs, at least not immediately. According to the company, the tool will initially be offered to a few 12th generation Intel Evo PCs from HP, Acer and Lenovo by fall 2022. It will then eventually be rolled out to future 13th generation Evo systems sometime next year. When asked by reporters, company vice president of mobile innovation Josh Newman says that support for older Intel hardware and even AMD-based computers are currently under consideration, though the latter would require the two companies to collaborate in order for it to happen.

(Source: Intel [press release])

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