Logitech Announces Its First Wireless 60% Gaming Keyboard

This week, Logitech revealed a new compact gaming keyboard, the Logitech G Pro X 60 Lightspeed. The keyboard will launch on April 16 for $180, and preorders are available now at Logitech’s online store.

The G Pro x 60 Lightspeed is Logitech’s first wireless 60% keyboard, which means it does not have arrow keys, a num pad, or the F key row. This makes for a smaller footprint on your desk—the keyboard measures just 11.5 inches wide and four inches deep—while retaining all the keys you normally use for gaming or typing.

Logitech G Pro X 60 Lightspeed

To account for its more streamlined layout, the Logitech G Pro X 60 includes extra functionality through the new Keycontrol panel in Logitech’s Ghub desktop app, such as remapping keys, assigning multiple functions to a key, and creating macros and shortcuts. Along with the software functions, there are also media controls and a volume roller built into the keyboard. It also supports RGB lighting control through Logitech Lightsync, which shines through the dual-shot PBT keycaps.

The G Pro X 60 Lightspeed uses GX optical switches, which record keypresses using light rather than mechanical actuation. While most gaming keyboards use mechanical switches because they’re usually faster and more reliable, Logitech says the GX optical switches offer better durability than mechanical switches and have a faster 1ms input response time than standard optical switches.

As for connectivity, the G Pro X 60 Lightspeed supports 2.4Ghz wireless or Bluetooth connections and provides up to 65 hours of battery life. It also supports wired connections via the included six-foot detachable USB-C charging cable.

The Logitech G Pro X 60 will be available for $180 in black, white, or pink color options, and either linear or tactical GX optical switches. You can preorder at Logitech’s website.

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