Logitech G FITS Wireless Earbuds Launch With Custom Fit Technology

Logitech unveiled a pair of brand new wireless earbuds called the G FITS, with custom fitting being the product’s main pull for consumers, gamers and non-gamers alike. The device, being marketed under Logitech’s gaming portfolio, uses the same moulding technology seen in the UE Fits to make earbuds that exclusively fit you and only you.

When you first take the G FITS out of the box and into your ears, you will have to go through a 60-second setup where the earbuds will use lights called “Lightform” to harden the malleable gel-filled eartips. The process will cause them to permanently take the shape of your ears, creating a perfect fit and improving passive noise cancellation.

Image: Logitech

The earbuds are equipped with 10MM drivers and fully customisable EQ through the FITS app, along with optimised presets. Each bud also contains two beamforming microphones for better calls, although the G FITS unfortunately lack active noise cancellation, so you will have to settle for passive.

The Logitech G FITS come with Bluetooth 5.2, which has a low-latency mode for gaming, as well as the brand’s Lightspeed technology. Lightspeed also provides a low-latency connection, compatible with PCs, Macs, Android phones, and consoles via the USB-A dongle and the included USB-C adapter.

Battery life is quite impressive with the earbuds lasting seven hours and 10 hours on single charge with Lightspeed and Bluetooth connections respectively. With the charging case, it can give up to an additional 12 hours of listening time for a total battery life of 22 hours using Bluetooth.

Available in black and white colour options, the Logitech G FITS retail for US$229 (~RM1038). With the device being in the relatively high-end category for earbuds, it seems a bit disappointing that they lack ANC, with not even wireless charging for the case. They are already listed on Logitech’s Malaysian website but they are not yet available for purchase, with the price tag still unrevealed.

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