LRT Stations Between Ampang Park And Kelana Jaya Now Closed Due To Service Disruption

Rapid KL, via its official Twitter account, has recently announced that it is currently facing a disruption for its LRT train service that’s connecting between Ampang Park and Kelana Jaya stations. If this sounds familiar to you, this is because the exact same issue had occurred yesterday on 8 November 2022 which was only resolved earlier this morning at around 6 am.

At the time of writing, the public transport operator has informed that the stations between Ampang Park and Kelana Jaya have been closed to the public until further notice. In the meantime, it is urging users of the Gombak – Putra Heights LRT line to seek alternative methods of transport for travelling to their respective destinations, including the free bus service it had set up at selected stations.

Kemaskini Laluan LRT Kelana Jaya: Stesen LRT Kelana Jaya sehingga Stesen LRT Ampang Park kini telah DITUTUP kepada pengguna. Penumpang diminta menggunakan perkhidmatan bas perantara percuma atau mengambil mod pengangkutan alternatif lain. Mohon maaf atas kesulitan.

— Ask Rapid KL (@AskRapidKL) November 8, 2022

In regards to the latter, Rapid KL says the free buses (labelled as “SEWA KHAS”) will travel back and forth between Lembah Subang and Pasar Seni stations, as well as Damai and Masjid Jamek stations. In addition, it has also reconfigured its trains to shuttle passengers between the still-functional routes including Gombak to Damai, and Ara Damansara to Putra Heights.

Tren dari Stesen Putra Heights akan berpatah balik di Stesen Ara Damansara manakala tren dari Stesen Gombak akan berpatah balik di Stesen Damai. Ikuti kami untuk perkembangan selanjutnya.

— Ask Rapid KL (@AskRapidKL) November 8, 2022

The public transport operator has yet to reveal the cause of today’s disruption, though it is speculated that the issue may be similar to the one it had experienced the day before. On that note, Rapid KL stated that it experienced problems with the LRT service’s automatic driving system near the KLCC LRT station at 8:39 pm yesterday, resulting in the previous disruption. As mentioned earlier, the issue had only been resolved at 6 am this morning.

Kemaskini LRT Laluan Kelana Jaya: Bas perantara percuma disediakan di Stesen Lembah Subang – Stesen Pasar Seni dan Stesen Masjid Jamek – Stesen Damai. Sila rujuk LED bas dengan paparan “SEWA KHAS”. Sila dapatkan bantuan Polis Bantuan dan Pegawai Stesen.

— Ask Rapid KL (@AskRapidKL) November 8, 2022

Undeniably, those relying on the Gombak – Putra Heights LRT line will be disappointed to know that today they are required to yet again seek alternative means for travelling to their destinations. Much like yesterday’s disruption, Rapid KL did not say how long the maintenance will last.

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