Madden 24 Franchise Cross-Play Beta Is Now Available

Madden 24 players can now play Franchise mode with cross-play, included for all current-gen platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For the first time in the series, the game launched with cross-play last August, but the team at EA Tiburon noted that the feature wouldn’t be there at launch for Franchise mode, though players in other modes like Head to Head and Ultimate Team were able to use it. After some internal testing, the feature launches for all players on those aforementioned platforms today. But there’s a catch.

Franchise cross-play launches in beta, so EA has warned players that they may want to make a new league to use with cross-play, even though existing leagues do work with it right away. That’s because, should EA later need to pull the feature temporarily while it’s still being optimized, leagues already utilizing cross-play would be unavailable for that time, as noted on the game’s blog.

“Please note that this feature is in live beta and can be implemented in any league,” the blog reads. “However, please note we strongly recommend that you start a new Franchise file for Crossplay in the event our team would need to temporarily disable the feature during the live beta.”

After December 2022’s Franchise debacle that saw many leagues permanently deleted due to an error, the idea of losing a Connected Franchise is likely a jumpscare for some players. For those eager to use cross-play but only when it’s truly ready, it may be best to wait for the beta period to come to a close.

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